Lords of Creation Revised: Magic/Psychic System

Lords of Creation Revised: Magic/Psychic System

Not entirely sure this was finished either or if stuff got lost in a crash, but this is some rough work to make Magic work in the SF/ZG system.

It has always been believed that magic & Psionics are related. The Lords of creation created these powers of mind and matter to give to certain chosen Mortals. As the Time Flow began to split off as a result of the Time Wars, the Lords saw that certain Mortals in certain worlds were depending more on technology than on magic, therefore, the Lords, not wanting to completely tear magic away from them, created psionics, a lesser division of magic. But the Psionic Mortals grew, and soon it became a Power all to itself.

Those whom are blessed with the power of magic are called wizards or druids. Wizards are the most knowledged and most powerful magic users the lords created, but this power does have its costs. Any wizards, after completing the initial stages of a Lesser Wizard, can split off into Speciality wizards( Demonoligist,Illusionist, Invoker, or Necromancer) or simply go on to a Higher Wizard. Druids or Druidic Priests, or Clerics, as sometimes they’re called, are magic users that draw their power from nature, the power that surrounds life itself. They are less skilled than the Wizards, for no other reason than they prefer to stay that way. They do not respect wizards and their “self gaining ways”. They believe that all wizards pursue selfish ends, where the Druidic ways are very unselfish,( and religious) and only life and nature gains from their work.

Professional Skills


Here is a list of skills available to the Druid at Professional Cost:

Animal Care(**)

Animal Taming(+)

Animal Training(+)

Body Speak(*+)





Entertainer: Music(**)

Entertainer: Story Telling(**)

Find Direction(+)


Languages: Arcane(**)

Languages: Old Tongue(**)

Magic Lore(**)

Magic Sense(**)

Read/Write Arcane

Read/Write Common

Read/Write Old Tongue

Rune Lore

Scroll Lore

Spell Casting: Druidic



Weapons: Mace

Weapons: Warstaff


Lesser Wizards

Skills available to Lesser Wizards at Professional Cost:





Find Direction(+)


Jewelry Making(**)

Languages: Arcane

Languages: Common

Magic Lore

Magic Sense

Mythos Lore

Ride Mount

Rune Lore

Scroll Lore

Spell Casting: Lesser Wizard

Spot Hidden

Weapons: Warstaff

Footnotes: (+)- In Zebulon’s Guide

(**)- In Fantasy Skill List

(*+)- In Zebulon’s Guide but subject to changes in Fantasy Skill List.

Casting Spells & Spell Casting Skills

To cast a spell, the character first must have the skill, listed as Spell Casting and followed by the type the magic can cast.(Lesser Wizard, druidic, and later, Demonoligist, Invoker, Illusionist, & Necromancer.) Once the character gains the skill, the character can buy Spells from the Spell List with Mental Points.( Note: Spell Casting has a Success rate of Automatic, although Spells have their own). Initially, a Character does not have any Mental Points to spend to get his first spells. The Initial Amount of Mental Points is equal to:
(Power + Magic/Psychic Ability)/5

Like professional and Non-Professional Skills, every casting has a Specialty and Non-Specialty Cost. These costs are in Mental Points. Specialties are Druid, Lesser Wizard, Higher Wizard, Necromancer, Demonoligist, Illusionist, and, Invoker. Like the Professional/Non-Professional Cost Table on page 9 in Zebulon’s Guide, here is the Specialty/Non-Specialty Skill Cost Table:

Spell Level Specialty Cost Non-Specialty Cost
1 2 6
2 4 12
3 6 18
4 8 24
5 10 30
6 12 36
7 14 42
8 16 48

The reason for the high Costs is because the rules are trying to keep characters within they’re Specialty, but make it not impossible to splurge a little and go out.

Maximum Amount of Spells

To avoid over-powerful magic-users, the GM may enforce the Maximum Spell rule, which gives the maximum amount of spells a character can have (see Formula Below)
Maximum # of Spell= (Power)-{(100-LOG)/10}

Minimum Casting Cost

Every Spell has a Minimum Casting Cost (MCC), which represents the Minimum amount of Magic/Psychic Ability the character can invest in casting the particular spell. But the character can invest more if he prefers. The character must state how much of his M/P (Magic/Psychic) Ability he wishes to allocate in the beginning of the game turn.
Note About Zebulon’s Guide Mentalist and Casting Cost: The Star Frontier’s Mentalist does not list a casting cost for it Disciplines. For purposes of this game, the Minimum Casting Cost will be the Level of the Discipline, and any extra will be added to increase the effects of the Discipline (Increase range, or damage or number affected).


A magic-user’s Level is based on his M/P Ability, which is increased by Mental Points. Each Specialty (Druid, Lesser wizard, etc) has its own Level table.

Before anything else, the character’s M/P Ability must be regenerated back to its Maximum Level, then the character can increase it with Mental Points, or acquire more spells.
Also M/P Ability is raised when spells reach a certain level.(See table below)

Spell Level Additional Mental points
3 1d10
6 2d6
8 2d10

Explanation: When Any spell reaches 3rd level, the character can add 1 to 10 points to his M/P Ability, and so on.

Druid Spells

These are spells available to Druids at Specialty Cost:


Befriend Animal

Cure: Disease

Cure: Infection

Cure: Poison


Dry Powers: Decompose

Heal: Heavy Wounds

Heal:Light Wounds

Heal: Severed Limb






Shape Change

Storm Powers: Hail

Summon Horde

Swamp slime





Druid Levels

Level M/P Ability
1 0-45
2 46-75
3 76-110
4 111-165
5 165-200
6 201-250

Lower Wizard Spells



Flame Powers: Fire Darts

Heal: Light Wound



Light Powers: Create Light

Light Powers:Flash

Light Powers: Eliminate Light




Protection Aura

Read Intent


Sound Powers: Noise

Sound Powers:Screech

Sound Powers: Thunder

Sound Powers: Voice


Wind Powers: Blast

Wind Powers: Dust Devil

Zone Powers: Cold

Zone Powers: Silence

Zone Powers: Warmth


“There is Power in Death, as there is in Life” (Quote from The Book of the Wiseman,Nor the Long Man). A Necromancer is the type of wizard that delves into the power in death. As life and the balance of everything has power, so does death. A Necromancer harnesses that power, which is not easy to do. Usually, Demonologist and Necromancer are side by side in the most costly category; costly of Sanity, Power, and Stamina. necromancers can create, control, and destroy Undead (Vampires, Ghouls,Mummies, Zombies, and Skeletons Warriors) and any other type of Living Dead. Necromancers, on the other hand, do not control Ethereal Undead (Ghosts, Phantoms, Spectres etc) This level of existence was not allowed accessible by magical ways(See Psychic Medium).

Necromancer Skills

Spell Casting: Necromancer

Necromancer Spells

Control: Undead

Curse of the Undead

Death Powers: Dead Stop

Death Powers: Decay

Death Powers: Touch of Death

Death Powers: Wind of Death

Destroy Undead

Dispel: Undead

Dry Powers: Dehydration

Dry Powers: Disintegrate

Dry Powers: Touch of Dust

Raise Dead

Summon: Undead

Modern Psionics

In the modern world, the Lords, and the Gods have blessed certain individuals with seemingly magical powers, like telepathy, telekinesis, etc. But these are actually what are called Psionic Powers, or powers that spawn from the mind; no ingredients or mystic chanting to unseen dieties. This is the power of the human mind alone. Mentalist is an example, and is available as a Psionic specialty in the modern setting, as well as the Science Fiction setting (Star Frontiers). The other Psionic specialty is Psychic Medium , which is explained below.

Psychic Medium Skills

The Psychic Medium can choose any profession under the Modern setting to be skilled under.

Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums are the channels for the Mortals to the Ethereal Plane. They can communicate to Living Souls of dead Mortals, Ethereal Undead which are those living Souls that still walk this existence for their own reasons (Unfinished quest, or unavenged murder. Examples are ghost, Specter, Phantom.). They go beyond the curtain of death. The body dies and rots for eternity, but the soul lives on in the Ethereal Plane, in its own existence (Heaven or Hell).

Psychic Mediums are people too. A Psychic Medium can choose one of the modern professions, and still have his Powers. Along with the Powers listed below, the Psychic Medium character can also choose a limited amount of enlightened one disciplines in the Mentalist Discipline list.( See Zebulon’s Guide for th list) This limited amount is equal to: Log/10 in Disciplines

Note: For M/P Ability Cost see Note on Zebulon’s Mentalist

Psychic Medium Levels

Level M/P Ability
1 0-45
2 46-75
3 76-105
4 106-135
5 136-180
6 181-215
7 ; 216-245
8 246-285

Psychic Medium Powers (or Disciplines)

Banish Ethereal Undead

Banish Portal

Communicate with Soul

Contact Soul

Create Portal


Ethereal Protection

Sense Communication

Sense Ethereal Undead

Sense Portal

Summon: Ethereal Undead

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