Lords of Creation Revised

Lords of Creation Revised

At one point, I got ahold of a cheap copy  of a game called Lords of Creation by Avalon Hill.  It was a pretty crappy game with a pretty hoaky concept but I thought it would be fun to create a Star Frontiers version of it.  This is an rough draft of some of the work I did.  I think I lost some files way back when, and so this is basically an incomplete work.  At one time, I remember have a complete list of skills and powers, for example.  Not sure what happened, I just remember spending an entire summer on this.  I remember my mom saying she wished I would be as dedicated to my college work. 

The ironic thing is I never got to run any of this.


The Time War and the Inside War

In a Timeless Paradox, the Lords exist, in their unnoticed splendor and strength. They, at one time, served the Gods as builders and upkeepers of the Gods’ worlds; maintenance men of every Dimension and Time. But some evil and power-hungry Gods wanted full control, and some Lords wanted to be just as worshipped as the Gods were. As the anger and tensions grew, resent built between, and within the factions, and so the Time War commenced. The war was a fury of Godly anger and Lordly fire. Millions and Millions of Mortals died in the wrath unnoticed. Worlds crumbled, Empires toppled, and other wars were started amongst the mortals. But a few great Lords, with the help of some wise Gods, created a treaty of Peace to end the Time Wars. The only agreement made in this peace treaty was that of the Laws of the Inside War, which basically states that the Lords and the Gods will return to their previous status and any war that is fought will never be fought at such scale as the Time Wars. Because of the competition amongst the Lords and Gods, the idea of war was not completely eliminated. The Inside War, a much smaller scale war, would be fought by Lord Ranks, chosen mortals from any time or dimension to be a part of a Lord’s army to fight in their game of domination of the cosmos.


To create a character or a Rank, a few initial decision must be made. (1) what world and/or time period is your character from? (2) If applicable, what race is the character (Some time periods/worlds have more than one race and others are dominated by one single race, usually human.) After these questions have been answered, then one follows the normal procedure of creating a character in the STAR FRONTIERS game world. Roll all stats as if it was a character in Star Frontiers. Consult the proper racial modifiers, and racial abilities, etc, in the sections to follow.


The only difference that the revised version of Lords of Creation has from Star Frontiers, stat-wise, is a rating of the character’s own soul, called Power. It rates the character magic ability or psychic strength; it rates how the character is favored by his Lord of Creation (Personal Force); rates his luck,. his mind’s will to live, his inner strength, his sanity. All this is compiled into one statistic. Their is no way to regain Power points, although there is ways to regenerate magic points or mental points. The magic/psychic ability rating is derived initial from Power and is used as a separate stat all together from here on after. Roll 2d10 + (Log/15) to determine Power. Right the number below the section on the Lords of Creation Revised Character sheet. Follow the instructions for the appropriate statistic.


From Power , Magic/Psychic Ability is determined. Every spell or mental power has a cost, and every being has a certain level of mental or magic strength in hidden reservoir. When a mental power or magic spell is used, some of this reservoir is used.

To determine Magic/Psychic Ability:


Magic/Psychic Ability is regenerated by Mental Points, given after every successful casting by the GM. Amount is up to the GM. Mental Points are also used to “buy” more spells and increase spell levels.


Sanity Rating measures the characters inner state of mind and consciousness. Every living being has this, no matter what race. This state of mind can seep out and be lost when the character experiences a traumatic and terrifying situation. Each creature in the revised book of foes has their own sanity cost. But that does not mean any one who sees them looses sanity. If the character successfully rolls on d100 under his own sanity (SANITY CHECK abrv. SC), or anyone who is from the same world as the particular creature or traumatic situation. Examples are, if an elf sees a dragon, the elf would not loose sanity, at least not as much as a business man from New York 1939, but the elf might loose sanity if he saw a New York subway train and the business man would not.

Sanity Rating: (Power x 5)-25 (minimum 0)

NOTE: Sanity Checks with the note “One Time Only” means that the check is only needed once. The character can get used to seeing the particular creature.


As said previously, Personal Force is a rating of how the character is favored by his Lord of Creation. It rates his own development as a Lord of Creation (See Experience Table.) From the Experience Table one gets his own rank in his Lord’s army, number of mental or magical powers he receives, number of experience points the character is able to allocate, and the abilities the character receives for being in his rank.

Starting Personal Force: Power/2

Personal force is increased by Personal Force Points, which are given to the character when the character does something that his Lord favors. They may replace experience points. The Experience Points given in the Table can be used toward anything: Psychic or magic points, or skills etc.
Experience Table

Personal Force Character Rank # of Powers XP to Allocate Rank Ability
1-10 Neophyte 0 5 Dimensional Sight
11-20 Apprentice 1 8 Dimensional Language
21-30 Master of Space 2 10 Spatial Projection
31-40 Master of Time 3 12 Temporal Projection
41-50 Master of Dimensions 4 20 Dimensional Projection
51-60 Grand Master 5 25 Double Healing
61-70 Immortal 6 35 Transmigration
71-80 Space Lord 7 45 Space Travel
81-90 Time Lord 8 50 Time Travel
91-100 Dimension Lord 9 60 Dimensional
101+ Lord of Creation 10 70 Construction

Note: For those characters who start out with magical or Psychic powers, the number of powers given according to the Experience Table is the amount of Spells the Character can buy at half cost. The Character can use the Experience points give in the same table to buy these spells or powers.

Non-magical/Psychic characters can only choose from the Spells or powers with an asterisk (*) in the Spell/Power list.

Rank Abilities explanations

See High Lighted area Pg 5 for Ability Explanation.

Note on Alignment

Traditionally, certain settings, especially Fantasy settings require an alignment, meaning some type of title that commits the character to a certain way of life, like Chaotic or Evil, or Good or Lawful. In this game, alignments are mentioned, and some may think that they should be required especially in the magic section when one comes across something like a Demonologist. Of course, most Demonoligists are Chaotic or Evil. But for purposes of this game, characters chosen by the Lords are traditionally Neutral or Balance, meaning they work for the balance of everything. But if the character wishes, for role playing purposes and if the GM allows, the character may choose a Chaotic alignment, or a Lawful or Good alignment. Another note on Demonologist, and Necromancer, the two traditionally evil magic Specialties; the Lords’ power extend very far- into the realms of demons and into the realm of the dead. For sake of gaming, the Demons and the Undead will just serve the Lords and their Ranks when they need them, not because of their alignment, but because they are the Lords. Mortals need these particular alignments to get them to serve them but not Lords or Ranks.

Lords of Creation Revised Material

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