Star Wars: Lords of the Black Sands

Star Wars: Lords of the Black Sands

Subtitle: The Tiger, the Sun and the Sand

Setting/System: Star Wars d20

Started: First attempt around 6/2002.  Second attempt started 02/19/2004

Send Attempt Dates: 02/19/2004 – 10/29/2005 (est.)

Campaign News

I tried to run this campaign twice. The first one failed because players could not stick to the Sunday games I was running, although they originally agreed to it. The second time I ran this campaign, it was never completed but came to a good stopping point. It was loosely tied to the Lords of the Expanse but not in it. Eventually, they were supposed togo there, but it never got there. The concept was that the characters were nobody-smugglers from Soccorro and I would start them out there. I tied Soccorro into the Sisar Run and made it all a complex underground political battle between Black Sun (which had its talons in the previous LotE adventures), Hutts and the powers of Soccorro.

Source Material

Campaign Elements

Campaign Chronicle

There were two Chapters of this campaign

  1. The First Crew to take on the Black Sands – This campaign ended abruptly with some players unable to maintain it.
  2. The Second Crew to take on the Black Sands – It went farther than this timeline indicates but I don’t remember what happen anymore.

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