Species: Near-human

Type: Mutant

Origin: Eastern Europe

Strength 9
Constitution 6
Agility 7
Intelligence 14
Education 12
Charisma 15
Empathy 7
Initiative 3
Move 3/10/20/35
Skill/Dam 7/1d6
Hits 40/60
Appear 1

Documented Notes

Law is Life. He is the Keeper of the Law of the Breed, and High Priest for Baphomet. He is one of the architects of Midian, and the last surviving members of those who saved Baphomet and brought his broken body to Midian – the Holy Freighters.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Lylesburg obviously is ancient, and wise, but his blind faithfulness to the Law has hurt him in the past many times. Lylesburg was a Freak of Man born many millennia ago, with 3 pair of bloody-eyes to go along with his normal set. These eyes only open when Lylesburg truly wants to “see”. They cry tears of blood for the “Sins of Man against those that it doesn’t understand and fears…”.

It was his passion that planted the idea of Midian into Baphomet’s head. Lylesburg truly believes that he can save all the Freaks of Man and any fallen Minions from the ravages of the “Naturals”. He lived through the evils of the Inquisition, hidden in a monastery in eastern Europe, until he was forced to leave. In his journey, which he called his Pilgrimage, he saw a vision that lead him to Baphomet.

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Strong Human and Darkling Empathy. Strong Precognition.

His extra pair of eyes give him supernatural vision into depths unknown; dimensional sight; extrasensory perception; sight beyond the vale of the living.


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