MACE 1997 Report

MACE 1997 Report

On November 9, 1997, an intrepid group of Guilders trekked to High Point, NC to attend a local con called Mid-Atlantic Convention Expo (MACE) 1997. It was held in the Holiday Inn Market Square in High Point, where many of the local Greensboro Conventions are held. An old friend to the Guild, Jeff Smith, who also is a “professional” convention manager and run dozens of cons a year, was this years manager, with help from many of his old friends from the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Federation (UNCG Club). Along with them were many of his Con-friends that he has developed along the way, including the Guild.

About 300 people showed for gaming, LARPing and all around good sci-fi time. Despite the Dealers room fiasco, where two-thirds of the dealers backed out at the last minute, we all managed to have a really good time. The Guild group there participated in the Vampire: Dark Ages LARP, as well as ran Mega-Supremacy and Star Wars RPG games in the non-RPGA gaming room. Other events included the Charity Auction, and a road trip to see Starship Trooper; the latter not being scheduled con event, but we made a point to see it anyway while we were there.

Small to medium size cons like these give the Guild as well as others in the local area to connect and bond together under their common interests. The Guild developed strong friendships, and contacts for Future use. I was asked to be a regular Star Wars GM in any Con’s Jeff Smith and his friends, Mike Brannon and Winston Walker with their company Justus Productions, produce. I hope to get help from the gamers in the area, as well as the Guild when these cons come around to run more games and help with other events. Also, Matt Holmquist was able to make strong contacts with the Vampire LARP groups of Greensboro, and Winston-Salem, and hopes to use these to strengthen his already growing Vampire LARP group here in Charlotte.

Overall, it was a good con, in my opinion, despite the size and the lack of a dealers room. The gaming was quality, the people we met were incredibly friendly, and the Guild is making positive impressions with the Greensboro and Winston-Salem gaming groups. I hope all that went had a good time, and we expect to go back every year.

Ron McClung