MACE 1999

MACE 1999

First, of course, I would like to thank all the Guilders, old and new, that helped out and participated in the MACE convention this year. This years was better than ever.   MACE has the potential of growing into one hell of a Con, and the Guild can become a corner stone in it’s rise to greatness.

Jeff Smith, the Convention Coordinator and President of Justus Productions, puts together a good con of gaming and other events that every year seems to improve in quality and number.  The RPG/Board gaming/War Gaming room was good.  I had 3 great games, with some great players, although I have to admit I wish I was more prepared.   Other Guild GMs said they had a great time with their players and their games, so the gaming was good all around.

I loved the Café’ and the open board gaming area.  That was a great idea.  The dealers room was adequate, although my wallet may not have been.  The Charlotte Zoo cats were great this year, and I am sorry that I couldn’t contribute as much this year. I missed a lot of the late night events on Saturday, because I was busy with the Pokemon party.  I heard they were good as well.

The pinnacle of this weekend of course, was the Dead Pokemon Party, brought to you by the UNCC Science Fiction and Fantasy Guild (ummm, that’s us…), with a little help from the Game Society of Greenville, SC.  Much as people might like Pokemon or not like, for that matter, this party was all about having a good sense of humor, and having fun.  My original idea for the party was to have a few gimmick games to simulate hunting Pokemons, and have a special drink we would call Pokemon Blood or just Poke-Blood (all hunters must drink the blood of their prey).  Well, I have to admit, the party evolved way beyond what I ever expected, but it was definitely fun.   Let’s just say that it was the wildest (wet-pokemon t-shirts), most incredible convention party ever put on by the Guild.  We had a great room to do it in, too.  The Hotel gave us their best suite, and it was huge.

In the end, we raised $110 for the Guild at the party, and definitely made an impression on a lot of people.  Now we have to follow that up with a good one at StellarCon.

All I can say is great job Jeff, keep up the good work.  Add to it as much as you can, little by little with out diluting what you have already.  Your strength is in your support, and I think your weakness is in getting the word out and attracting more people.  It’s hard to satisfy everyone with out getting too out of hand like some cons.  Don’t sell out, Jeff, above all.  Exploit your strengths to conquer your weaknesses. Great Con.  Thanks.