MACE 2006 Gaming Progress Report

MACE 2006 Gaming Progress Report

Special & Featured Events at MACE

* Settlers of Catan Carolina Feeder Tournament for Prezcon s Settlers of Catan 2006 Mid-Atlantic World Championship Qualifier Tournament (There is a fee for this tournament)

* Treasure Quest Live Dungeon (inspired by GenCon’s True Dungeon) (There is a fee for this event)

* MACE BOWL IV Bloodbowl tournament – NAF Sanctioned event Part of the Carolina Cup events that will attend the Carolina cons

* Blackmoor Campaign Events – A Blackmoor Premier and more

* Heroes of Rokugan II Legends of the 5 Rings 3rd Ed. RPG Events

* RPGA Battle Interactive and other RPGA

* Savage World Role Playing Tournament Hosted by Clint Black, author of Necessary Evil

* Historical Miniatures by Trianle Sim Society

* Demos and tournaments for Wizkids Games (Heroclix, Horrorclix, Machwarrior), Mongoose Publishing (B5: A call to Arms), Privateer Press (Warmachine), and Dark Age Games (Dark Age).

* A D&D Minis and A&A Minis Tournament

* Indie RPG Special events brought to you by the Forge Independent RPG Designer forums

* Magic the Gathering Sealed Deck tournament

* Stargate and World of Darkness LARP

* Second Annual Iron Mace Game Chef Contest and Quest for the Golden Mace

* Game Master Improv contest

* Plus games run by special guests Erik Mona and Steve Long

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