MACE 2021 Crafting Contest: Best Story

MACE 2021 Crafting Contest: Best Story

At MACE 2021, we hosted a 4 hour crafting contests with 13 people including James “The Tabletop Engineer” Kelly and Bill “Wylock” Buchanan. Of course, Wyloch won the overall but I did win best story. The idea is that we were given a random painted miniature and we made a diorama based on it. I got a bad ass Santa Claus holding a huge sword ready to kick some bah-humbug ass.

The idea I had was he was ready for something coming out of a cave. There were T-lights in the supplies, so I thought that would be enough. The cave same together well, but the paint would not dry fast enough. I probably put too much on. While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I thought of claws and tentacles made of wire and hot glue. These would be coming out of the cave. I knew I needed something else and I felt that would do it.

In the end, I called it the Grinch.

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