Maeth Drakka

Maeth Drakka


Human Pilot & Space Explorer. First mate of the Freeman’s Demise

Played by Bill B.

INITIAL PLOT HOOK: As the Pilot of the “Freeman’s Demise”, Drakka has always taken pride in his abilities to pilot � at least as far back as he can remember. Which isn’t very much since he can only remember as far back as when Starian found him floating in space, in an escape pod. When they took on the new passenger and suddenly became a shuttle service, Drakka wasn’t sure if Starian was the same person. However, bounty hunting for Gugorra had dried up, and they needed the money.

RETURNING HOME OR STUCK IN TAPANI?: Drakka vaguely remembers that he is from this region, but also remembers he left it for a reason – too close to the clutter of the Core. He prefers to be out in the Rim, exploring. But the formation of the Blackstar has tapped him here.

UNCANNY HYPERSPACE ATTUNEMENT: Drakka has an uncanny connection to the hyperspace lanes. It is apparent in his incredible ability to navigate otherwise difficult routs within Tapani.

“MYTHIC STORM” MYSTERY: Drakka lost his memory when the ship he served on, the “Mythic Storm” exploded in Rimmas Nebula. The destruction of the ship is a mystery. Drakka has seen Dex, a Rodian crew member who he thought had died on the ship, but didn’t get any answers from him.

GUGORRA’S DEAL: At one point, when Starian was reported missing, Gugorra’s courier, a mysterious Twi’Lek, approached Drakka with an offer. Gugorra wanted Drakka to watch Starian and at the moment that Starian works against Gugorra’s goals, Drakka is to kill Starian. As part of this deal, Gugorra offered the “Freeman’s Demise” to Drakka. This deal still remains open.

ALDERAANIAN GHOSTS: At the destruction of Alderaan, the “Freeman’s Demise” jumped at the exact same moment of the planet’s destruction. Drakka blacked out at that moment, and was haunted by the thousands of voices silenced. To him, they are not silent every time they make a jump to hyperspace.

VISIONS OF DRAGON HORROR & RED BACTA: Drakka has been plagued visions of people being dipped into a vat of blood red gelatinous liquid and turning into something beastly, almost draconian in form.

THE DRAGON WAY’S PULL: Drakka has also been plagued visions of strange dragon-like beings of light, winged creatures that advise him,, and guide him. At specifics points along their journey, Drakka has been “called” by them. This is usually followed by a long period of time being away from the “real world”.

Since these “callings”, Drakka has changed physically. His hair has turned white, and his eyes gray. He has felt some changes with in him and seen new abilities surface at very unexpected times.


  • Gex the Rodian
  • The Drakka Family of Camille – There is very little known about the Drakka family, except that they were part of Pelagia at one point in time, originating from the Colony world Camille (which is now part of the Lost Holdings)
  • Gugorra the Hutt

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