Researchers theorize that the Magus are simply a specialized version of the Kroath – perhaps similarly selected from various conquered races and similarly grown.  Where the Kroath are brutes of fire power and battle prowess, the Magus (so named for the magical stealth ability) are built for silent death.  Their armor is looks like exposed metallic tendons, muscle, and bony protrusions. A long, spiny tail seems to aid the creature’s balance and has also been demonstrated to serve as a weapon.  It is theorized where the krotah are grown inside their armor suits, the Magus is injected with alien nanites to reformulate their existing anatomy to be armor.  A variety of apparently cybernetic components interwoven among its powerful musculature.

The Magus have only been encountered a few times, primarily on the fringe.  The Rim worlds just beyond the Xagyg Dust Nebulae have claimed sightings of these horrible and deadly creatures.  Holocam footages has captured them on missions of assassination of certain prominent beings in their regions.  On some worlds, they are at the center of boogie-men like myths.

It has two primary weapons a powerful clawed hand for close-quarters combat and a cybernetic ranged weapon mounted on its othar ann. The weapon fires an energy stream of black radiance that inflicts terrible pain and massive damage to living targets.  In the recent Rim world incident, the magus used the ranged weapon on one of its victims, rendering him helpless so that it could finish the job slowly with its surgically sharp claws. The cybernetic weapon also has an attachments that looks very much like a medical injection device, though no one has yet formulated a conclusive theory on its true purpose.


Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d10 d8 d6 d8 d8
Pace Parry Toughness
8 7 10 (4)


Athletics Common Knowledge Notice Persuasion Stealth
d8 d4 d6 d4 d10
Battle d6, Fighting d10, Hacking d6, Science d6, Shooting d8,


Edges: –

Special Abilities

  • Regeneration: A magus heals damage quickly. It may make a natural healing roll once per day (rather than every five days). Permanent injuries may be recovered once all other Wounds are regenerated. Treat each injury as an additional Wound for purposes of recovery (the being may try once per week).
  • Immunities: A magus is immune to poison and to any detrimental atmospheric effects, such as gas, smoke, or lack of oxygen.
  • Bioorganic Armored Carapace: A magus’s skin and musculature is heavily modified by the nano-tech injected into it, acting like an armored carapace. As such, it imposes no armor penalties of any kind. When damaged, the armor automatically secretes a chemical that closes holes and effects repairs. If the magus is rendered unconscious or reduced below 0 hit points, its armor releases a powerful acid that completely decomposes the kroath, armor and all, in 1 round. Any other creature touching the magus during this round takes 3d6 points of acid damage. After the magus has been reduced to its component chemicals, the acid becomes inert.  The armor adds +4 to the magus Toughness.
  • Claws: Str+d6, AP 2
  • Tail: Str+d8, AP 2
  • Dark Energy Weapon: Range: 12/24/48  Damage: Special.  Target rolls Vigor -2.  Each raise the Magus gets on its Shooting rolls is an additional penalty point to that roll.  On failure, the target doubles over in pain.


My Notes

The more and more I read about these, I felt that they might as well be specialized Kroath.  They did not feel like it was necessary to convert them to d20 Future so it’s obvious these guys are more of an afterthought to the designers.