Dark Maine

Dark Maine


Folklore & Paranormal Rumors

International Society of Cryptozoology is based on out Portland is an ally of minion hunters.

Swamp lights are common in this area

Sightings of bigfoot have been recorded in the area

UFO sightings have been reported multiple times in the area

The Bridgewater Triangle, a notorious place of paranormal activity in Massachusetts has rumored to have expanded into eastern New Hampshire and southern Maine.

Sightings of demon dogs have been reported in the area

Mermen have been sighted off the coast of Portland

The Androscoggin River has been a sight of a new Nessie-type creature –some kind of fresh water sea serpent has been seen travelling up and down the river. In the early 1800s, there was sightings of a sea serpent of the coast of Gloucester, Mass. People are connecting these two.

Legends of the White Moose has resurfaced as people have claimed to have seen the legendary creature haunting the regions forests. Rumored to be an immortal manifestation of a ancient Indian hero spirit, locals see it as omen of good things to come.

There is a considerable amount of Indian folklore in the area including the Legends of Pamola the mountain spirit, the spirits of Glooskap and Malsumis (good and evil respectively), the horned snake Kita-skog or Gitaskog,and stone giants called A-senee-ki-wakw.

North of Bangor, there are rumors of packs of flash eating creatures or cannibal crazed humans roaming the landscape. There are also rumors of some travelling further south.

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