MaryWay Rigel & Aeron David McCollusk 

MaryWay Rigel & Aeron David McCollusk 

Half-Siblings of a Family that should have never been.

Mary Way is half humanoid ET, half-human, mother being human. She never knew who her father was and only learned the true nature of her being recently. On the outside, she seems like an oddly featured beautiful golden blond haired young woman, but on the inside she is a turmoil of uncontrolled power. She has an uncontrollable ability to spontaneously open portals into the protodimensions. It usually is stirred on by stress or concern for her brother; any strong negative emotion. Lately, she has been opening doorways into places she has never been, which is rare for any traveler. In actuality, Mary Way is the daughter of Sethifer, after her mother was rapcd on board Sethifer’s abduction ship. Mary Way has a mental connection with Sethifer’s Dimensional Walk ability; where he goes, she can also. Unfortunately, she has no control over this aspect of her powers, although she has learned to control some of her travel.

Dave’s Suicidal Tendencies

(Dark Conspiracy Background story)

SUICIDE…How many times has the thought entered his weary mind? How many times, in the dark bellows of the alley ways has he actually tried? The power of death is so strong and unleashing; it was freedom to him, for he is a prisoner of life. Of all the powers he has mastered, the one he could not summon was the only one he really wanted. Powers… more like curses. These powers over human emotion are what forced him into a drug habit; forced him into the rat infested alleyways of New Boswash, in hiding from the nightmares of the things that hunted him. Society pushed him out because of them, but those that hunted him took him in… and corrupted him.

Aeron David McCoUusk… Dave was what they called him when he had friends, but they too rejected him. He new they were jealous of his gift, but they would never admit it. His life now was a lonely cloud of dope and alcohol overdoses, depression and darkness; he was too ashamed, too weary to face the faces of the real world in the light, it was too much for his mind.

They did something to him, when they took him in; those thin things with huge eyes and even bigger grey heads. They strapped him down, caused him great pain and suffering and they still do, even after his lucky escape. They were all dead; he woke up and found them all dead by their own hands; an alien mass suicide. He knew then the dangers of his powers and how they had perverted them.

He hated those things, those creatures that abducted him; hated them for so many different reasons. They put something in him that won’t let him die. Every time he slit his wrist or his throat, the wound would heal in seconds, without a scar. They took death away from him, the one freedom that everyone has.

He hated them because the way they died; by their own alien hands, slitting their grey, thin-skinned wrists and hanging themselves from the metal rafters. He hated them because they mocked him even in death, even when they had no control over themselves. They died the way he wanted to, but couldn’t.

The only satisfaction was blaming himself for their deaths, for in actuality it was a mass murder, by his own mind. Thoughts uncontrolled by him, suicidal tendencies that were his alone crept into their minds, invaded their thoughts and destroyed their will to live. He always had an edge on other peoples emotions, able to manipulate their wills to his, projecting his emotions to theirs, but now it was uncontrolled. His emotions so dark, even while he slept, projected to unsuspecting minds, pushing them to suicide. And he, standing in a world that hated him for what he could do, paranoid of every comer, unable to end it because he could not die. They were coming for him, he knew; all the more reason to die. Life was his prison, and death was his cellmate, all around him, mocking and taunting him.

There were many more deaths, of course, everywhere he went, for miles around. He would sleep in an alley, and a block away an entire highrise apartment complex would turn to a slaughter house. He left a trail of death, not knowing how many, just wishing it would end. In a world of darkness and hell, Dave would wander, killing and living without wanting to.

GM Notes: Dave has a immense ability to project his emotion. The professionals don’t have a scale to measure his ability it’s so strong. It is the only empathic ability he has. For a long time, it was a simple way to manipulate others feelings. It was great on dates. However, the more people realized his power, the more they shunned him. When his mother committed suicide after her abduction and birth of his sister, it became worse. He was thrown into fits of suicidal depression, but he never had the courage to actually do it… at least until one night. It was in the deserts of Arizona. The world had gone to shit. There was very little reason to live. He moved the shot gun to his head, and before he could pull the trigger, there was a bright light from the sky.

David was abducted by ETs and modified. They made him immortal. Now, unable to die, and unable to control his suicidal tendencies, and his empathic abilities, he projects them to others, and causes mass suicides where ever he goes. The only way he keeps the projections at bay is through drunken stupors. He is a young man without hope or will to live, but forced to live forever, until he finds the makers of the ET tech that made him immortal.

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