Mater Q

Mater Q

Species: Human

Type: Supernatural Mutant

Origin: Ephyra


Documented Notes

Witch, Cult leader, god – She has been called all of these things. Mater Q is a powerful prophetess with a grizzly past. She appears near-human, but she is much more than that. She came to Midian by way of those that worshipped her. At one time, she was the focus of a cult. She resided in the caves of Ephyra (Corinth), where she made predictions through her ability to contact the dead – dead children. She was a necromancer of the most horrid kind. She was rarely seen, communicating her predictions through idols and statues.

When an earthquake forced her home to the surface, her flock had no choice but to bring her to Midian. IN their final act of worship, the cult buried themselves alive after their prophetess was taken into Midian.

She prefers the dark, and abhors light. She lived in the caves so long, she had taken on many of the physical traits of the bats she spent so much time with.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Mater Q is a haunted and disturbed creature. Between her growing necromantic ability, the magical effects the cult’s worship had on her abilities and her physical transformation into something other than human, it is hard to believe she was once human.

However, she was, and with that she still has many of the human frailties. She appears insane to most, although when she makes contact and begins her predictions, she seems quite sane.

Along with her necromantic abilities, she has amazing dark vision ability as well as echo-location ability.

She always seems to have a small flock of bats around her. She sees them as the lost souls of her worshippers and speaks to them as if they were.

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Dark Vision, Echo-location, Precognition, Prophecy, Necromancy, Necroscope (children).