Mavia Tanatus

Mavia Tanatus

Human Noble House Liason. House Ik’Tal, played by Jennifer S.

Mavia grew up on Gandle Ott, with a few years on Charis.  She had friends on Charis when it was bombarded from orbit by Sarne. She grew up in the lap of luxury in a very prominent Noble family in the Kathol Sector.  Kathol was her home, taking its good with its bad.  She was the last of four children.  She has three brothers, all four prominent knights of the noble court.  She was born during an unseasonable wind storm that was ravaging the Capitol city of Gandle Ott.  Later in life, she found out that she was one of a set of triplets, but was told that the other 2 died, killed in an accident when the wind blew in the roof of the hospital.  She has always felt that they lived somehow, or their spirits still reside in her.

She saw very little of her parents. They were busy with House issues.  She grew up in a communal child care system of the noble house.  She learned proper court etiquette, and how to be a subservient noble lady.  This is part of what turned her away from the traditional roles of a lady of the court.

At one point, early in her childhood, her family fell into disfavor with the Court, as a result of an unpopular war the majority of the families were forcing others to support.  It was a short war and her family recovered. Her father was proven to be a very honorable and stubborn man when it came to non-human rights.

Her parents took many jaunts to the Outback and as she got older, she was able to join them.  She became quite familiar with the Marcol Rim Region, and Timbra Ott and Sapella.  At one point, her parents let her in on a secret.  They were actually taking these jaunts for a reason; to smuggle much needed supplies to the relocated prisoners on Timbra Ott (which as at the time, the Noble House Penal colony.)  They enlisted her help in some of those jobs.

During all this moving around, she was able to get an excellent education, and developed an interest in Martial Arts. She spent some time in the Knight Training Guild, and eventually was accepted into the Knights of the House Ik’Tal Guild.  She developed an aptitude for special operations and intelligence, and seeing her talents, the House Lords made her a deal.  She would work for the House as a special agent, but she had to drop out of the Knights Guild as a failure.  This would act as cover and allow for more secrecy in her role.  She agreed.  Soon special operations evolved into assassinations.

As for contacts and friends, she has many on Timbra Ott and Sapella, and the clans there in.  She is familiar with Chuborro the Hutt, and the Sabiador Slave Ring.  She is also familiar with House Shador, and has strong ties to the anti-Imperial faction there.

Chuborro has been trying hard to for years to recruit her as his own personal assassin (and slave, if she figured him right).  Now, she has been in direct competition with his new personal assassin, a Falleen named Uluala Dergan..  She has developed a strong hatred for Mavia because she has always felt like Chuborro’s second choice.

Mavia and Operation ChillWeaver

Mavia’s role in Chillweaver is to act as guide, and provide covert termination assistance when needed.  She can use her contacts to get some information about Chuborro and the other organizations involved.  One of those organizations is called the Skandrei Bandits.  They are a notorious band of cut-throats that lead raids against the Outback settlements.  They steal what the can, enslave captives, and devastate the rest.  The have a strong hatred of Chuborro.  Mayato, commander of the Night Terrors instructed his team to investigate a possible alliance with the Bandits.  Mavia went in with the intention of determining the possibility of that.  Mavia was also instructed that this operation was to appear like an Imperial operation.

While on planet Yog’H’toth, an informant met with Mavia, and dropped information about the Skandrei Bandits. This informant approached Mavia.  Mavia did not recognize him but heard him out.

“The Skandrei Bandits are NOT trustworthy.  If the Bandits should ever discover that your friends are from the New Republic or allied with the Free Traders in any way, they will double-cross you in a heartbeat. They have no love for the Empire either.” 

Mavia asked how this particular individual became so well informed, and all he said was “Word is out that a mission to strike the worm is in the works around here, and I heard you were a line into them.  If I am wrong, consider it just an easy way to get a free drink”  He did buy Mavia a drink at this particular Bar.

The Informant then proceeded to educate Mavia on the absolutely heinous activities that the Skandrei Bandits and it’s leader, Vok Gan, has engaged in, including raids on innocent settlements, and conscription of young males and females into their ranks. He suggested that it would be better if the Skandrei Leader were, in fact…eliminated.  The informant even went as far as to offer the bounty of 23,000 Cr.  He suggested to Mavia that the Skandrei are potentially dangerous enough to the strike against Chuborro that their complete removal from the picture might make things go more simply for them.

“Of course, if the Skandrei can’t be completely eliminated, I understand…but surely the pirate leader can be taken out of the picture by someone of your renowned skills?”

She inquired further, and the informant said that her reputation proceeded her, and that he represents an organization that acts as a rival to the Skandrei Pirates and Chuborro the Hutt and that is eager to see both the Skandrei and the worm get spiked.  This rival organization is described to Mavia as lying in wait to pick up the pieces and has a well-placed informant among the New Republic FarStar’s crew.  She pressed for more information about this agent, but she was assured that the agent was quite benevolent.

After the Mission was over

Joined up with the Night Terrors as a Intel and covert operations specialist.