Sessions 19 – 20: Mhemne Secrets, Intrigue and Tragedy

Sessions 19 – 20: Mhemne Secrets, Intrigue and Tragedy

Dates: 8/3/2011 to 8/10/2011

Where: Belter Asteroid Base, The Asteroid Belt in FS30 system (Mhemne system)

Waiting for the right moment to take the slingshot asteroid to the homeworld, the crew gets involved in local intrigue, trouble and a rescue.

The Rigunmor Star Consortium Agent

Eda discovered that Rigunmor (her faction) had sent an agent to this region recently. The Belters, howveer, were keeping it secret ebcause as it turns out, the agent is now dead and the Mhemne scavenged his equipment. It is unclear if they helped the agent, but they did have his body. A fringe cult known ad the Voice of the Ancients, who believe the “Ancients will return one day” believed that this person was perhaps an ancient. They held on to him in hopes he would resurrect. he lay in storage in an unused airlock near the hold they lived in.

Finding his computer pad and his ship records, Eda was able to learn much about the man and his mission. From it, she determined that there is another corporation involved in this region of space – one not everyone trusts. Along with VoidCorp , and the Sathars, the Vrusk run Streel Corporation may have something to do with the exploitation and subjugation of the Mhemne. Eda now seeks to find out more.

The Voice of the Ancients

The Fraal Chissa has been receiving strange psychic impressions from his surroundings. It is a cacophony of pyshic energy that he cannot seem to sort through. He was able to channel one signal and followed to the hold that held the refugee cult, Voice of the Ancients. They apparently have learned to channel this energy and make some sense of it. Unable to control the flow, however, Chissa channled too much and fell unconscious from the experience.

Austrin-Ontis Sumggling

Colt Jackson stumbling on some puzzling information. Some of the equipment and weapons scavenged by the Mhemne from attacks on Sathar robots were recognizable as Austrin designs. Jackson knew this was not right and has begunt o investigate further. If some one was smuggling AO weapons into this region without AO knowledge, it could spell bad news to AO.

Spiker Robot Attack

While investigating things,t he group was attacked by a swarm of Sathar extermination robot called Spikers, They attacked the party while they were on a near by junk yard asteroid. Upon returning to the asteroid base, the found it derelist also suffering from the Spiker robot attack.