Mikos Akelon

Mikos Akelon

Human Intelligence Agent/Technician

Faction: Regency of Bluefall (revealed an agent of Intelligence Directorate of Galvin).

Agent helping hunt the Warhulk.

Quiet and competent, Lieutenant Commander Mikos Akelon is a towheaded, freckle-faced, slightly tubby officer who seems to be one of the most unremarkable men in the Aegis system. He’s soft-spoken and innocuous, an officer who’s clearly marked for staff work instead of command.  However, he has a dark secret.

Mikos isn’t much of a conversationalist.  If he has to talk in order to accomplish his goals, he’s very slow and meticulous in his speech, taking long pauses to think through what he’s going to say.  Motivated purely by profit and reason, he’ll be hard pressed to deal with heroes who turn down good deals or continue to defy him when the odds dictate surrender.