Minimum Damage (d6)

Minimum Damage (d6)

In conjunction with The SW RPG 2nd Ed. R&E Scaling rules

The Scaling in SW RPG is lacking realism when going from a higher scale to a lower scale. A Laser Cannon of 1D Speeder scale, does as much as a HoldOut blaster to a Character. To compensate for this with minimum damage rules. Every weapon, when going down scale, should have a minimum damage. If, after calculating the damage using the Scaling rules in SW RPG 2nd Ed. R&E, the damage is less than the minimum damage for that situation, then use the minimum damage.

Atacker/Defender Character Speeder Walker Star Fighter Capitol DeathStar
Character 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D
Speeder 5D 6D 7D 8D
Walker 5D 6D 7D
Star Fighter 5D 6D
Capitol 5D

I believe that a Laser Cannon mounted on a vehicle, even if it’s a light laser cannon, should do as much damage as a Blaster Rifle. (And I’m not going to get into the differences between Lasers and Blasters. In this case, the Laser cannon is a Blaster, just mis-named)

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