Minion: Ghouls

Minion: Ghouls


Strength 11
Constitution 9
Agility 7
Intelligence 3
Education 1
Charisma I
Empathy 3
Initiative 4
Move 2/7/13/25
Skill/Dam 5/3D6
Hits 40/80
Appear 3D6

There are two types of Ghouls: (1) one eats flesh of the dead (2) one that eats flesh of the living. They are usually savage, zombie-like sometimes misshapen beasts. The most effective way to kill a ghoul is to severe the spine from the skull to kill.


Natural Weapons

Claws, teeth, some with scale-like armor

Special or Supernatural Weapons

Dead-Eaters have Necroscope abilities and Human Empathy.

The Mythology

Ghoul myths circulate through out New England and old England as well. The talk of humanoid beasts, with somewhat canine features , dwelling in cemeteries and mausoleums, eating the flesh of the dead, and sometime the flesh of the living. They reported live in catacombs beneath old cemeteries, and entice people that pass by into the cemetery, presumably using Empathic powers, to be ritualistically killed and devoured.

Ghoul Cults have arisen from these legends, citing the ghouls as some manifestation of greater gods. Demonic cults that worship the ghouls believe they are deliverance to immortality. Some believe that a ghouls bite transforms oneself into a ghoul, in time, while others believe that being completely devoured by them brings their soul immortality into their “elder gods” realm.

The Reality

It is unknown whether the ghouls of legend exist, but the ETs have taken it upon themselves to use the legends to their advantage. Using their Empathic abilities, they have influence the Ghoul Cults to re-arise, and use them to control the nomenclatura.

In doing this, they knew they had to manifest the coming of a new generation of Ghouls. Through their almost magical mastery of bio-technology, they inserted trace genetic traits of their version of a ghoul in all the cultist women in Boston, who they abducted during the early 2000s. These traits would manifest in their next generation of children. These children would slowly grow into beasts similar to that of the ghoul.

Along with the normal appetites for flesh (preferred long dead, but freshly killed is acceptable to them), thy have enticing Empathy skills to lure curious people that pass by their realms. They also have an infectious bite that passes on a very aggressive form of grave mold that overtakes the body of the victim. This way, even if heir victim gets away, they slowly are consumed by the mold.

Some “Alpha” Ghouls pass on the Ghouls traits to the victim. The victim then goes through a long, painful process of transforming into a Ghoul. Alpha Ghouls are recognized with yellow glowing eyes while the rest have red glowing eyes.

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