Minion: The Borrower

Minion: The Borrower

A New Dark Conspiracy Minion

Inspired by the 1991 movie The Borrower

The Borrower is a hideous beast created by the Morlock Elders too control and feed the masses of Morlocks in the subterranean cavern that web through Dark America. It is of humanoid shape, all the way until the head/neck area. This creature has no distinctive “head”, to speak of, and for a neck, it has a mass of tendrils and tentacles that end in sharp spines. The creature feeds off of human gray-matter, and other brain material. It removes the head of its victim using it razor sharp retractable claws and places atop its own shoulders as if it were using its victims head as his own. The creature’s tendrils and tentacles, using the needle like ends, insert through the spinal cord, into the cerebral cortex, where it gains control of the head and brain. While it feeds, it uses its new head to communicate and sometimes disguises itself to go amongst “normal” society. It is usually very tall, and slender, with very leathery skin, but has a unique shape-shifting ability to adapt it’s body to it victims original body structure. It has pigmentation in its skin that it can manipulate to change its skin tone. Both are used if it chooses to go into “normal” society.

The creature is perfect to lead the Morlock masses. With its powerful Empathic Mind Lock and Empathic Persuasion, it controls large amounts of Morlocks. It feeds them by giving the Morlocks the remains of its victims; all but the head. It usually stores any extra head it might acquire. The Borrower usually does not do the killing itself, but actually Persuades and Mind Locks a human to do his bidding. This human then becomes a serial killer, a butcher for the Morlocks and the Borrower. The Borrower’s Empathic Mind Lock keeps the butcher under the Borrower’s control, and when the butcher is caught or killed, the Borrower always finds another.

The Borrower can be found wondering occasionally among humans, but are usually found in the tunnels, subways, and caverns underneath. It has a sensitivity to fight, especially when it has a head on its shoulders. Like its creators, it has a strong sensitivity to Ultraviolet light. The creature is weakest when it has no head to feed on, which is its Headless State. However, when it has a head to feed on, its Empathic power is doubled,as is itsStrength, Constitution, and Hit Capacity. It also has a strong weakness to fire.(Double damage from fires).

The Borrower

Strength: 9Education: 11Move: 8/16/ 32
Agility: 5Empathy: 15Hits: 15 / 30
Intelligence: 10Initiative: 4#Appear: 1

NOTE: As mentioned, double (x2) Strength, Constitution, Empathy, and Hits when it has a head. The Borrower take double damage from Laser weapons, and take 1D10 pts of Dam./ Round if under any type of Ultraviolet light; all skill attempts during this time are done at 2 difficulty levels higher.

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