Minis Craft: Mess-o-stop-olees

Minis Craft: Mess-o-stop-olees

Back in 2015, I took a hideous Mage Knight figure and created a demon from various parts.  I thought this thing was horrid. It was originally a Mage Knight Shyft Matriarch

It was horrid!

Shyft Matriarch recraft

Part 1 – Acetoned the horrid teal color off first. Dremel tooled the head a little to something I can deal with. Started adding the Throttle Worms to the head. You can see the wings I am going to add too…

Part 2 –  Added 4 Throttle worms to the head . I also used heat to bend the hand and fingers and fashioned a staff out of spare parts.

Part 3 – I am not a pro painter. This is the demon based out in a read mixed with some browns. I am going to run a black wash over it and then try to detail it the best I can.

Part 4 –  Black wash. I am not the best at it, but its working for me

Part 5 – Some highlighting and dry brush work, plus added the wings.

I named him Mess-o-stop-olees because he sits over my desk and is the god of stopping messes.  Hasn’t worked yet.