Mole Men of Criticorum

Mole Men of Criticorum

Medium Changed Humanoid

Race: Changed

CR 3

Hit Dice: 4d8+9 (27)

AC: 14 ( base 10, Dex +1, Nat Armor +3)

Initiative: +1 (+4 underground)

Speed: 30 ft

Base Attack: +4/+4

Attacks – Melee: +7/+1 (Claws 1d6+6, bite 1d4+2)

Attack – Ranged: +5

Full Attack: Claws, +7/+1 1d4+3. Bite +7/+1

Face/Reach: (normal medium humanoid)

Special Attack: Claws, Fangs, Highbreed version have the Crystal Attack .

Special Qualities: Low-light vision, Tunneling (30ft), Claws, Fangs, Carapace Armor (+3 to AC)

Abilities & Saves:

Str16 (+3)Int10 (0)Fort+8
Dex13 (+1)Wis8 (-1)Ref+4
Con17 (+3)Cha6 (-2)Wil+1

Skills: (GM Discretion)

Feats: (GM Discretion)

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