Momento & The Jacket

Momento & The Jacket

I just saw two movies related to memory loss. Both are fairly inspiring and I am wondering what I can use out of them.

The Jacket – A movie about a First Gulf War vet, wounded in the head and suffering from some memory loss. He apparently died and came back. [SPOLIER WARNINGS] A year after the war, he is caught up in a cop shooting, wounded in the head AGAIN, and the actual shooter frames him for the murder of the cop. He can’t remember anything, and is sentenced to an asylum. There he is put through experimental therapy that involves experimental drugs and hours inside a morgue drawer. He apparently is able to go forward in time while in there and help others. He actually never proves his innocence, but does some other interesting things. You are left wondering if it is really just a dream or reality.

Momento – This is the story of a man who apparently stumbled across his wife’s murder and is injured in the process. His injury is so severe that he no longer has short term memory. Despite this, he searches for his wife’s killer. He uses polaroids, notes and tattoos on his body to remember things. [SPOILER WARNING] The whole story is told is disjointed pieces and basically backwards. You find out he is actually being manipulated byy people to kill others they lead him to believe is his wife’s killer. He ends up manipulating himself to take out the manipulator (a dirty cop). In the end, you are never sure if his murder story is true or something made up to manipulate him.

All cool ideas and there has to be something in there that I can use for a game. Possibly combining the two? A way to use it in Fading Suns? Just thinking…..

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