More ASF Content

More ASF Content

I found more content that I plan to post here.  Some by me, some by friends including some stuff by John Reavis.

  • Combat Flowchart.  I chuckle at this now but at one time, my combat needed a flowchart.  Posted in the PDF section
  • Traveller/MegaTraveller conversions.  Vehicles and powered armor converted from Traveller/Megatraveller (I think).  There may be some from 2300 AD as well.  These will be scanned in from the original documents that I printed on dot matrix printers.  Hard to OCR that.
  • Kalvessan/Kzinti ships/fighters.  John’s drawings and stats for aerospace fighters.
  • LAP/BOB and Special Issues gun drawings.  I added the pictures I drew for the weapons.
  • Creatures by John. Some creatures created by John.

Not sure if any0ne is even using this stuff anymore but if anything, it is for posterity.

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