More Dragonstar Content

More Dragonstar Content

As I redevelop the site, I have found way more content I can add.  It’s not always complete or not always something I actually used in the campaign, but it was in my notes, so I figured I would get it up on the site.    Some of it includes new Creatures like the Mindslayer idea (not stat’ed), and the Sand Rats of Primogen IV.

Revisiting Dragonstar has gotten me thinking about going back to it, perhaps in D&D 5 or Savage Worlds.   The world has so much more potential than I was able to explore in the short campaign I ran.  My old players wanted to go back to it at one point, I was just unwilling because of the 3.0/3.5/PF situation.  Plus the bloat that d20 has in general makes it unattractive to me.

WIth D&D 5, it can be good but some modifications will be needed, especially in skills.  Savage Worlds would probably work better but the magic system is somewhat lacking the impact that D&D has.


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