Moyato’s Log

Moyato’s Log


Personal Log:
Date: 43:6:31
Subject: New home for the Terrors

Someone finally heard our distress signal. We have been evacuated from Binaros, but not before suffering nearly 33% casualties. We were picked up by the NR Warship FarStar, captained by Kaiya Andemetrium.

The FarStar is definitely less deadly than Binaros, but not much more friendly. We have entered a stew pot of turmoil within the command structure. I detect a distinct lack of trust for the captain from several of the senior bridge officers. I am told that the majority of the Bridge officers are not Naval staff, but essentially rabble that was picked up along the way

I am worried about the effect that the injection of my unit will have on the political atmosphere of the FarStar. it is possible that these radical elements within the crew will see my unit as a threat, as if the Captain has called in reinforcements. This could make these agents push for whatever aims they have, before we become too entrenched in the command structure.

All in all, the operational environment seems acceptable. We have been berthed in an empty store room, and an unoccupied crew block. The FarStar
might not be able to support us at our typical equipment level. I worry that I may lose men because of having to ration blaster clips.

In general, I like the design of the FarStar. It is large enough to hold several drop ships, but it’s small size makes it harder to detect than other ships I have deployed from. When we rejoin the NR establishment, I’ll have to put in a recommendation that the naval high command do a study for the feasibility of a ship similar to this one, only more sturdily constructed.

Incidentally, we had our first operational mission today. At 1435 ship time, I received orders form Capt A. to investigate a shuttle that had apparently tried to escape Binaros, but then began to drift. The entire inside of the shuttle was one big thorny. All the flight crew was already encysted, with the exception of one crewman. I think the rapid growth of the thorny was due to a lack of some substance present in the planet’s soil. Mabye the big-brains in MilSci will want to look into it later. The shuttle was boofed. All we could do was pour blaster fire into the airlock to keep it clear of vines while we recovered the last guy, and  Wilkes prepared the T-Det. He tossed it, we closed the lock and got the hell out of there.  Such a pretty explosion.

Moyato, Out.


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