Musings of Kei and Parax

Musings of Kei and Parax

Editor’s Note: This a banter that started in my Darkstryder campaign, but also brought out some festering “emotions” about a my Dragon War Campaign. They were sentencing several characters to the brig for misdeeds done in the campaign, and one player (who played Kei in the Dragon War campaign) decided to bring in Parax for his misdeeds. Italics is Kei, Bold is Parax.Hmm, if we are throwing people on prison, how about:

Parax (Chris F) – for wanton destruction, mayhem, and death. And, unlike the Lovely Angels, it was HIS fault.


Do you realize who your talking to. I am Parax defender of the universe.

God help us all.

Everyday I stand between you and the great darkness that tries to bring total destruction. Upon my shoulders the universe places all the weight of it problems.

Boy, are we in trouble.

During your greatest despair, was it not the Jedi who saved you? I accepted all the blame for your mistakes and still you shunned me.

When was this? Was it when the proton torp destroyed an installation the size of Charlotte? A proton torp that PARAX insisted we take along, despite our objections? When Parax called out over the radio, “Does anyone know anything about demolitions?” just before the nukes went off? Or, when Parax, reasoning, “Size matters not,” rips the engine out of a shuttle, which then exploded and destroyed a mining outpost? Shall I go on?

Every time I have confronted the darkness it takes a little of my soul with it.

And still, I stand here at the edge of the cliff and never faultier. When other Jedi , who you respect more, fall into the darkness,…

And just which Jedi is that?

…I stand forever here ready and able to help the Universe when it calls. For this is the job I was given not by choice but out of necessity. If I step aside will there be someone else to take my place? Would he risk his very existence for you? I long to find this person. The weight of so many keeps growing stronger. Perhaps one day I shall find that person. But until then I accept your blame and want only one thing in return. Always remember I am your friend.

Then why do you tell your student we like being called the Dirty Pair?

Do you not understand that you should not be mocking me? You should be, dare I say it, WORSHIPPING me. I am the only thing that keeps you fragile beings alive. If I was a dark jedi you would fear me and give me the respect I deserve. Remember, little separates me from being the Emperor’s equal and I am not proud to admit tthat the dark side has beckoned me more than once. Do be careful not to waken the sleeping dragon. Or the Universe would be forced to pay.

One should be dark side with an ego like that…