Conventions & Other Events

I used to go to sci-fi fandom and gaming conventions as often as possible. If I wasn’t going to a convention as an attendee, I was running parts of or the entire convention.  I was a very active participant of fandom at one time. It was one of my many obsessions.

Gaming Cons

MACE/MACE West/mini-mace

MACE is a gaming Cons that started in 1996 by Justus Productions as ROC 96.5. I have been running game for it since 2000. We started MACE West in 2010 in Hickory and moved to Asheville in 2014. We ran MACE East in Wilmington NC, but not successful enough to continue.


I reported on Origins 2013 for The Gamer’s Codex.


I attended GenCon 2008 for Gaming

Sci-fi Cons

I worked for – Most Sci-fi cons have gaming, so I participate in both kinds of cons as much as I can.


A general sci-fi Con I helped start and ran for a 11 years at various executive levels (2002 until 2012). From 2013 to 2015, I was not involved with it and someone else ran gaming. In 2016, they asked JustUs Productions to run their gaming again. We came up with an agreement that was mutually beneficial while protecting my interests from their toxicity. Unfortunately, that only lasted 3 years and I was once again out in 2020 due new toxic people on the committee. Fandom has become entirely too toxic for God-fearing, Family-loving people like me with values, honor and integrity. Unfortunately, I can’t see myself returning to that cesspool of hatred, intolerance and extreme left-wing agendas.


A general sci-fi Con I ran gaming for from 2000 to 2006. It is all but dead now.


I briefly ran gaming at this convention but for various reasons, I stopped.

Convention Timeline

This is as a complete list as I can remember of all the Cons I have been to.  Plus through the years, I’ve been to at least four minor Star Trek conventions called Trek-o-Rama in Charlotte, where I remember seeing Gates McFadden, William Shatner, and Marina Sirtis.   Additionally I have organized a few Guild Game Days.  (Enclosed in the blue boxes for some are comments I maid at the time, in what I used to call my Rate List. Now all those are merged into this table.)

NameTagsLocationStart DateEnd DateComments
Dragon*Con 1989Atlanta, Ga.1989.10.061989.10.08First convention ever. Made a lasting impression.
MOC 5Greenville, SC1990.03.231990.03.25

Guild ran a "Prisoner" party that was visited by Steve Jackson. It was quite merry

Dragon*Con 1991Atlanta, Ga.1991.07.121991.07.14Piers Anthony, Betty Page Look-A-like Contest
GuildCon One 1993Charlotte, NC1993.04.241993.04.25Helped organize a small gaming Con on UNCC campus called GuildCon.  It was pretty cool.
Con-Spiracy 1992 1-DayDurham, NC1992.??.??1992.??.??Accompanied Ken Richardson, friend and room-mate, as a guest. Ken wrote the RPG Reichstar.
MOC 7Greenville, SC1992.03.261992.03.29 Guild ran a ReichStar LARP party in the Party Battles. The Nazi flag definitely hurt our chances of winning.
MOC 8Greenville, SC1993.04.011993.04.04 This ones a blurr. We had too much fun at this one. killed too many brain cells. I remember Meeting Bruce Campbell and Patricia Tallman. I remember most of all Bruce hitting on my girlfriend at the time.
Hexacon 19931-DayGreensboro, NC1993.11.121993.11.14Got my first taste of the SF3 and Greensboro gaming and convention crowd. It was quite fun and I felt quite welcome. This is where I met Jeff Smith for the first time, although it was brief.
MOC 9Greenville, SC1994.03.241994.03.27This one was killer. The last of the great MOC cons. Spice Williams, Patricia Tallman, David Prowess.
HeroesCon 19951-DayCharlotte, NC1995.06.?? 1995.06.?? Good comic con.
MOC 10Pine Mountain, Ga.1995.07.131995.07.15 The Con that was also a summer vacation. Nice try, but low turn out. It was great seeing Bruce Boxleitner, Robert Picardo, Chris Potter, and watching one Guilder, Russel Briggs, play in the all-star softball game.
Dragon*Con 19951-DayAtlanta, Ga.1995.07.13 1995.07.16We left MOC 10 to spend the last day at DragonCon. We realized we had missed out.
MOC 10ACharlotte, NC1996.02.151996.02.18ROC of Ages "Cyber-Goth" Party and Hope....ahhh...Hope.
ROC of AgesCharlotte, NC1996.05.101996.05.12 James "Scotty" Doohan, Larry Niven, and the Hubble Space Scientists. Worked with gaming at this Con, and worked hard. It was my foot-in-the-door for working conventions
Dragon*Con 1996Atlanta, Ga.1996.06.201996.06.23 Star Wars: Men-Behind-The-Mask, Richard Hatch, Kevin J. Anderson and the Star Wars Author Panel, great costumes, and always a great dealers room.
Sci-Fi Carolinas1-DayFort Mill, SC1996.09.201996.09.22 Men-Behind-The-Mask, and Richard Hatch again. Guild function.
ROC '96.5High Point, NC1996.11.?? 1996.11.?? Guild put on a good Star Wars Larp Party. Quite fun all weekend.
Dragon*Con 1997Atlanta, Ga.1997.06.26 1997.06.29Morden from Bab5 (can't remember the actor's name), Clive Barker, John Reys-Davies, great costumes, and the biggest dealers room yet.
MACE 1997High Point, NC1997.11.071997.11.09, Great gaming con, gamed and partied with the Greensboro crowd. Quite a lot of fun.
StellarCon 22High Point, NC1998.03.201998.03.22 Tim Zahn, my Star Wars RPG game, and Winston's PJ.
X-Files ExpoAtlanta, Ga1998.03.29 1998.03.29 Nick "Krycek" Lea, Steven "Mr X" Williams, "Skinner", and "Langley, the Lone Gunmen"
Phenomicon '981 DayHigh Point, NC1998.06.27 1998.06.27 Jason Carter, Lou Ferrigno, and $tuff.
HeroesCon 1998GMCharlotte, NC1998.07.031998.07.05 Worked the new Gaming area.  Ran Cthulhu, and met a few people.   It was OK.
Dragon*Con 1998Atlanta, Ga1998.09.031998.09.06Good but not great.  A little too crammed together. Peter Jurrasik, Jeff Conaway, and quite a few other B5 stars. Little bit of partying with the Con-Tour crowd, and $tuff again.
MACE 1998GMHigh Point, NC1998.11.131998.11.15Highlander: The Phantom Menace LARParty, Gaming all weekend, Babylon 5 CCG tournament. Fun little Con.
StellarCon 23GMHigh Point, NC1999.03.191999.03.21Writer Aaron Allston, Gaming and more gaming.  Not much else rememberable about this con. 
Dragon*Con 1999Atlanta, Ga.1999.07.011999.07.04Great time had by all, biggest DC ever.  Well planned out this time, even if it was crammed together again.  Kudos to Con Managers.  Costume Contest was the best, B5 stars, partying with everyone there.  Had a good time.
FanFaire 1999GuestGreenville, SC1999.08.131999.08.15From the FanFaire Program: "4:00 PM Getting an Organization Going Want to start an organization? Want to know where to start? Get some inside tips and pointers from two organization gurus: CJ Taylor, chairman of The Game Society and Ron McClung, veteran and active promoter of the UNCC Science Fiction & Fantasy Guild. " VETERAN?? Am I that old? -Ron-
MACE 1999GMHigh Point, NC1999.11.051999.11.07

DEAD POKEMON PARTY ROCKED!!!  A lot of good gaming too. This is where StellarCon AND MACE came to me and asked to run gaming for both their Cons. I was about to start my odyssey into Convention planning and managing.

StellarCon 24GMHigh Point, NC2000.02.182000.02.20 I was the Gaming Manager/Coordinator this time. From James Fullbright, StellarCon Co-Manager: "I do think Ron McClung gets the award for Best New Member of ConCom, Ever. Personally, I don't recall seeing anyone step in like that, take on what he took on, fight concom for what he wanted and run things as well as he did!" From Andrew Malone: "Bloody right; he did a fantastic job, and his biggest complaint (that I heard) was that he had too many GMs for the space!" From: Sean Martinez, Roundcon .
Dragon*Con 2000Atlanta, Ga.2000.06.292000.07.02A whole new beginning for me - the first DragonCon I went to with out a certain someone. B5 guests were great. Partying, running into old friends, and spending time with special ones.  Great costume contest. 
Fanfaire 2000Greenville, SC2000.08.112000.08.13 Not a whole lot can be said about this Con, other than it was the last one and there was good reasons for that.
Trinoc*Con 20001-DayDurham, NC2000.09.292000.10.01Stopped by on Saturday. Great Con for a first year Con. Really good job.
MACE 2000GC, GMHigh Point, NC2000.10.272000.10.29 Worked as Gaming Coordinator. Great show. Much gaming - thanks to me, great costume party (ooooooh Tigress... mmmmm), good auction and sold a ton of stuff too. All my hard work paid off in spades.
StellarCon 25GC, GMGreensboro, NC2001.03.162001.03.18Worked as Gaming Manager. Great time. Increased Gamer turn out! I heard the parties were great (I'm getting old). Even moderated a panel. Overall, a great success in gaming.
MACE 2001GC, GMHigh Point, NC2001.11.092001.11.11Gaming Coordinator. Great year, despite all that has happened in the country. Introduced a Kids Program for MACE, which turned out to be a relative success. Killer, a lot of Gaming, 5th anniversary, and Winston's Party - always fun.
StellarCon 26GC, GMGreensboro, NC2002.03.152002.03.17 Gaming Coordinator. - A week before my wedding, but what I was able to experience was great! I am very encouraged by SC's growth the past few years and hope to continue to experience that growth as we move to High Point next year.
ConCarolina 2002 The PrequelGC, GM, VCCharlotte, NC2002.06.012002.06.02I was roped into being Vice Chair and Gaming Chair for this Con.  It turned out to be an awesome success. A lot of fun, a lot of gaming and spent WAAAY too much money.
HeroesCon 20021-DayCharlotte, NC2002.06.14 2002.06.16Stopped in for a day.  It appears that HeroCon is slowly declining in size and quality.
Dragon*Con 2002Atlanta, Ga.2002.08.302002.09.03 AWESOME! Yet another new beginning for me - going to DragonCon as a married man and a guy responsible for a child. Thanks to the Star wars LARP guys - Chance Cube - for being so cool. Great events, great Dawn look-a-like, Costumes, and hello to those elevator Voyeurs that got a little show.
MACE 2002GC, GMHigh Point, NC2002.11.152002.11.17 Gaming Coordinator. Stressful but gaming was good. Making big plans for next year.  Changes to come.
StellarCon 27GC, GMHigh Point, NC2003.03.142003.03.16 Gaming Coordinator again. Gaming went very well. The rest of the Con was subdued but relaxing.
ConCarolinas 2003GC, CCCharlotte, NC2003.05.302003.06.01 Gaming Coordinator & Con Chair. It was a great success, more than we ever planned. I was quite surprised and pleased. But I did discover something - once you are in the lime-light, you make a great target too. Running this Con has put me deeper in the politics of Charlotte gaming than I ever wanted to be, and it doesn't help that one very strong-willed and stubborn person is causing a lot of the problems in Charlotte. This too shall pass.
Dragon*Con 2003Atlanta, Ga.2003.08.292003.09.01 Once again, I venture into the mecca of sci-fi fans - that which is known as Dragon*Con. Carolina Con Party - Sunday Night. Awesome PARTY!
mini-mace 2003GC, GMGreensboro, NC2003.09.20 2003.09.20 A lot better than expected, but there were a few things left to be desired, like better food, service, etc. Gaming was good, but I have to sometimes keep my ideas to myself (never get the one group to play two games at once)
MACE 2003GC, GMHigh Point, NC2003.11.142003.11.16 What can I say? Absolutely outstanding! An absolute TON of gaming.  Online pre-registration was the key to getting some of these games played.  Awesome!
StellarCon 28GC, GMHigh Point, NC2004.03.19 2004.03.21This year was somewhat of a disappointment for gaming, although everyone else had fun.  Gaming attendance was down due to a silly LARP boycott.
ConCarolinas 2004GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2004.06.042004.06.06 Con Chair one more time. It was a reasonably good success. Everyone had fun that I talked too. I tried to make myself a little more out in front when I probably shouldn't have, and we got close to 650 attendees. Gaming was slightly disappointing, but I hope that will change as I adjust. Handing over the Chairmanship to Jonathan.
MACE 2004GC, GMHigh Point, NC2004.11.122004.11.14 Gaming Coordinator again.  Great fun.  What was most notable about this con was a lot of different games were played.  Our attendance was down a little, but a much more variety of games were played and most everyone went away fulfilled. 
mini-mace 2005GC, GMWinston-Salem, NC2005.01.08 2005.01.08 Gaming Coordinator - I was shocked at the success of this event.  Lots of gaming in an environment that I didn't think would be good.  It all turned out really well.
StellarCon 29GC, GMGreensboro, NC2005.03.112005.03.13 Gaming Coordinator - Very happy with the way gaming went at StellarCon.  I got more gaming in than I have in a long while.  I was quite satisfied with that weekend.
ConCarolinas 2005GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2005.06.032005.06.05 Con Chair and Gaming Coordinator (among other things) - Went awesome! ConCarolinas is starting to really come into its own. Ken Foree, David Franklin, Kane Hodder all were great (but expensive) All the guests were great on their own levels. I was too close to the inner workings and the little SNAFUs that few saw really bothered me to the point of just about ruining my weekend. I still had fun - ran a game of Farscape that was a blast, and had a lot of fun with the wife and many close friends.

ConCarolinas 2005: (June 06 2005) June 3-5, 2005. Went very well!

Dragon*Con 2005Atlanta, GA2005.09.022005.09.5 Another DragonCon.  I really thought we wouldn't pull it off, but we did. Highlights... Disappointed in the dealers room and gaming choices; Firefly guests, Stargate guests, and the "Bare-as-you-dare" costume contest.  Overall, had a lot of fun, and it was well worth it. Taylor at 15 months old enjoyed it a lot. She made it even more fun.

DragonCon 2005: (September 05 2005) September 2-4, 2005. AWESOME!

MACE 2005GC, GMHigh Point, NC2005.11.112005.11.13 Gaming Coordinator... WAS AWESOME!  Best Year for MACE yet.

MACE 2005 : (November 14 2005) November 11-13. Record breaking year!

StellarCon 30GC, GMGreensboro, NC2006.02.172006.02.19 Gaming Coordinator for the last time. Gaming did not have the turnout we had last year. I was very disappointed in that.  But the fan turnout was amazing and got to talk with a lot of friends and promote ConCarolinas a lot.

StellarCon 30 : (February 20 2006) February 17-19, 2006. Gaming could have been better, but the fandom-side was great

mini-mace 2006GC, GMWinston-Salem, NC2006.04.012006.04.01 Gaming Coordinator. This continues to be a very cool event even though its in a strange place. It's weird to game in a public place like this (Golden Coral).
ConCarolinas 2006GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2006.06.02 2006.06.04, Con Chair one last time. Great Success! Tony Amedola, SG LARP and just a fun weekend.
HeroesCon 20061-DayCharlotte, NC2006.06.302006.07.02 Stopped by to get JMS's autograph.

HeroCon 2006: (July 01 2006) Lots of comic fans. Thousands!

MACE 2006GC, GMHigh Point, NC2006.11.102006.11.12 AWESOME!! 10th anniversary of MACE (counting ROC 96.5)! SG LARP (despite late players), both my games made. MANY other games made. About 450 people. Good friends and fun times. I even stay sober the entire weekend. Thanks to my lovely wife for her patience, love and support this year. Of course, I was the Gaming Coordinator again.

MACE 2006: (November 10 2006) Get ready for an awesome gaming weekend!

mini-mace 2007GC, GMGolden Corral, Winston-Salem, NC2007.01.272007.01.27Gaming Coordinator. This went way better than anyone every thought it would. This event continues to have life. I ran Arkham Horror with the expansion (and we WON!) and A&A Battle of the Bulge. Very good gaming day. My only complaint was that I turned out to be the ONLY non-RPGA RPG game master and I wasn't really up for running. The rest cancelled. I just want to MORE RPG GMs.

minimace 2007: (January 29 2007) Way better than expected.

StellarCon 31GuestHigh Point, NC2007.03.092007.03.11I was the Fan Guest of Honor. Oh boy! Three people had to say no before they got to me, but I still had fun. Call of Cthulhu Game, ConCarolinas party, hanging with Davey and Rich. Sorry my wife was not feeling well... being pregnant and all.

StellarCon 31: (March 16 2007) It was fun!

ConCarolinas 2007GC, GMCharlotte, NC2007.06.012007.06.03 I finally was able to shed most of the Con Chair role and just do gaming. I also helped with Guest services. I ACTUALLY HAD FUN and was not grumpy. Thanks to Tony for taking some of the weight off my shoulders.

ConCarolinas 2007: (June 07 2007) This con simply gets better and better. We are finally coming into our own.

Trinoc*Con 20071-DayRaleigh, NC2007.08.032007.08.05 Went for the day. Saw George R R Martin and sometimes it's better off not meeting the author and just reading the books. Trinoc*con is a con in decline and it is very sad to see. Gaming was all but non-existent. NO 'A Game of Thrones' at a con with George RR Martin. The only panels that actually got a decent about of people were the George panels. Attendance was very sad. I will not be attending this con ever again.

Trinoc*Con 2007 for a day: (August 05 2007) It was a sad thing to see. A con in decline.

Dragon*Con 2007Atlanta, Ga2007.08.312007.09.03

Bound for Atlanta one more time. In the pareade with all the rest of the SG group. It was awesome. I really am beginning to feel like D*C has outgorwn the three hotels it is in and needs to move to a convention center of some kind. Claudia Black was very cool to see (and pregnant again!). All the rest of the SG group was awesome to see.


Dragon*Con 2007: (September 03 2007) What can be said other than AWESOME again. Always an incredible time.

MACE 2007GC, GMHigh Point, NC2007.11.162007.11.18 Gaming Coordinator again. Biggest and most diverse schedule ever! See my report in my Blog, but it was the best year ever. Stargate RPG and LARP, lots of other gaming, and the auction was fun.
mini-mace 2008GC, GMGolden Corral2008.01.26 2008.01.26 Good way to kick off the year. Good game day, once again!

mini-mace 2008: (January 28 2008) Another one in the bucket! It was fun. Played `Starcraft` and then `Tide of Iron.` Both good games. Good turn out and now they want us to do more than one a year. Yikes!

StellarCon 32/Deep South Con 46GMHigh Point, NC2008.03.14 2008.03.16

Hanging out at the fandom tables, chatting with friends, game did not make, and the DeepSouthCon party! We got the DSC bid!! CC2010 is Deep South Con 48!! Wooo hoooo!

StellarCon 32/Deep South Con 46: (March 17 2008) We got Deep South Con! Whoo Hoo!

ConCarolinas 2008GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2008.05.30 2008.06.01The con itself was GREAT! Broke records all over the place. Programming was constantly busy. The fans turned out big time. Gamers did too, mostly on the non-RPGA side. For me personally, it was pretty good but I would have done a few things differently. The SG LARP went OK but not as good as I had hoped. My table top was good and I had fun playing a new board game.

ConCarolinas 2008: (June 02 2008) It was a blast for everyone. Biggest ever! Report is coming.

GenCon 2008GMIndianapolis, IN2008.08.132008.08.17

My first trip. Ran some games and played some games. worked as Press for, interviewed people and demo'ed a lot of games. It was absolutely a blast. I would go back in a heartbeat. Expensive, though.

GenCon 2008: (August 18 2008) I was press, played some games, ran some games and bought some games. Interview people, met some people and had a general good time. Indy is a great city!

mini-mace 2008 II: The Second HelpingGC, GMHigh Point, NC2008.09.20 2008.09.20

Had fun. Played 3 games, 2 of them were for the first time. Battlestar Galactica Board game, Shadows over Camelot, and Race for the Galaxy.

MACE 2008GC, GMHigh Point, NC2008.11.072008.11.9
ConCarolinas 2009GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2009.05.292009.05.31 ConCarolinas 2009 was incredible. I worked my butt off but it paid off. The whole con staff worked hard. Ihave never put so much into a con. 1000+ in attendance. Gamign was great. Katherine Kurtz, Doc Travis, Anthony Forrest, Brandon Stacy, and Charles Root all were great guests and really pulled them in. Incredible.

ConCarolinas 2009: (June 09 2009) The best ever! 1000+ people! AWESOME!

mini-mace 2009GC, GMWinston-Salem, NC2009.01.31 2009.01.31

Good gaming and good food. Played Battlestar Galactica and True20 Zombie game.

MACE 2009GC, GMHigh Point, NC2009.11.062009.11.08, Absolutely AWESOME! 500 people, gaming non-stop and big kudos from some pros and other people that said in any areas we were better than origins.

MACE 2009: (November 14 2009) Fantastic time Best year ever!

mini-mace 2010GC, GMWinston-Salem, NC2010.01.23 2010.01.23 Went pretty well considering we had no major touranment. 50 or so people playing board games all over the place. I marshalled two but next time, I am playing.

mini-mace 2010: (January 31 2010) Good weekend of gaming, 55 people turned out and that was without an L5R tournament. I marshalled two games and really did not get to play anything.

ConCarolinas 2010 / DeepSouthCon 48GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2010.06.042010.06.06 Largest CC and DSC ever. 1350 people, roughly, but many of them were one day passes on Fri or Sat, so it did not feel crowded. Awesome moments at the Phoenix/Rebel Awards, Jerry Pournelle's speech, the massive auction, Church Service and meeting Mr. Kely McClung. I think I can call this the pinnacle of my fandom career.

ConCarolinas 2010/DeepSouthCon 48: (June 11 2010) The best CC yet. 1350 (est) people, Richard Hatch, Claudia Christian, AND Jerry Pournelle. The best DSC ever!

MACE 2010GC, GMHigh Point, NC2010.11.122010.11.14One of the best yet. About the same attendance as last year, but it still seemed more crowded. Used the restaurant as open board gaming for the first time. HUGE hit. SCARAB guys helped out and were great!

MACE 2010: (November 15 2010) Another good year. About the same attendance as last year, lots of gaming, and a great board game area (in the restaurant.)

mini-mace 2011GC, GMWinston-Salem, NC2011.01.29 2011.01.29 Largest mini-mace ever! 83 people! Played lots of Zombie stuff.
SCARAB 2011Columbia SC2011.01.14 2011.01.16Pretty cool first time con. Great Staff, lots of potential!
MACE West 2011GC, GMHickory, NC2011.03.25 2011.03.27 MACE cornhole aka MACEhole. Tried out my new ticket system with reasonable success. 130 people, which is not bad for a first year.

MACE West 2011: (March 28 2011) Good time and good grass roots gaming

ConCarolinas 2011GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2011.06.032011.06.05 Another MACEhole cornhole tournament, great guests - John Billingsley and his wife Bonita Friedericy, David Lawrence (Heroes) and Emilie Ullerup (Sanctuary). 1335 people during a very bad economic year. Not bad.

ConCarolinas 2011: (June 22 2011) A great con during a hard economic year. 1300+ attendees! Great guests, great concom, great turn out, great con!

MACE 2011GC, GMHigh Point, NC2011.11.112011.11.13 Final MACE in High Point, good by Best Western. Ran Zombie State and d6 Adventure game that was a blast (literally). I was disappointed that the Cornhole tournament did not happen.

MACE 2011: (November 22 2011) Great MACE, last one in High Point. Good numbers and had a great time!

SCARAB 2012Columbia, SC2012.01.132012.01.16 Had a good time at a small con. Played Clint Black's Savage World, as well as Posthumous Z and Dungeon Twister.

SCARAB 2012: (January 17 2012) I had a really good time. Played Savage Worlds, Posthumous Z, and Dungeon Twister. All AWESOME games!

mini-mace 2012GC, GMWinston-Salem, NC2012.01.28 2012.01.28 Had a good time, modest turn out. Only 45 this time. Played Battleship Galaxies, and Mansions of Madness.

mini-mace 2012: (January 28 2012) Modest turnout in a down economy, 45 people, counts as an average year.

MACE West 2012GC, GMHickory, NC2012.03.292012.0401 Played Talisman, Fortress America, and Call of Cthulhu and had a great time!

MACE West 2012: (April 02 2012) Great Time. Did a lot of gaming!

ConCarolinas 2012

GC, GM, CCCharlotte, NC2012.06.012012.06.03

A lot went right and a lot went wrong. Controlled chaos. Adapting to other people's poor planning and disappointing volunteer help. Biggest CC yet - 1400+ people. We are quickly growing out of this hotel.

This was my last CC. My wife and I resigned from the committee and I have revoked any and all support I gave them. I will have nothing to do with this convention from now on. I see it as a very toxic environment and a place I do not want my family to be at.

As far as I am concerned, this marked the beginning of the death of my fandom, thus the skull and crossbones.

ConCarolinas 2012: (June 08 2012) A lot went right, a lot more went wrong. It is getting to the point that the best we can do is control the chaos. 1400+ people

HeroesCon 20121 DayCharlotte, NC2012.06.222012.06.24Took my two oldest to the con for the first time, for an afternoon. Just wondered about and took pics with costumes.
MACE 2012GC, GMCharlotte, NC2012.11.022012.11.04Lots of gaming! Lots of fun! The move to Charlotte was a success!

MACE 2012: (November 07 2012) AWESOME! Best MACE ever!

SCARAB 2013Columbia, SC2013.01.18 2013.01.21A little gaming but mostly a lto fo talking-shop with con runner - great people like Matt Croshaw and 4DS, the great guys of Stormcon, and of course SCARAB.

SCARAB 2013: (January 20 2013) Fun con where Jeff and I go to play. DId a little of that but also talked a lot of con shop with the SCARAB, Stormcon and Gnomecon folks. With the big RoundCon announcement, it kind of put us in the middle of it all.

Mysticon 2013Roanoke, Va2013.02.222013.02.24First time at a Virginia con, and it was fun. They are all not that much different up there. Good con, a little crowded bit only because they had Peter Davidson (Dr. Who, 5th Doctor), Orson Scott Card, and Larry Elmore. Incredible line up.

Mysticon 2013: (February 24 2013) First time at a Virginia con, and it was fun. They are all not that much different up there. Good con, a little crowded bit only because they had Peter Davidson (Dr. Who, 5th Doctor), Orson Scott Card, and Larry Elmore. Incredible line up.

MACE West 2013GC, GMHickory, NC2013.04.052013.04.07Great con, once again. Ran Call of Cthulhu and bought Zombicide and Spartacus. Highlight was playing Spartacus

MACE West 2013: (April 13 2013) Great con. But it has struggling. Virtually no growth in 3 years. We need 50 or so more people and we would be fine.

Origins 2013Columbus, OH2013.06.122013.06.16Great Fortress America game. Great Game of Thrones game. Vendor hall was awesome. Working The Gamer's Codex for the first time.

Origins 2013: (June 15 2013)

First Origins. Awesome!

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
BattleMech Pods

HeroesCon 20131-DayCharlotte, NC2013.06.072013.06.09Took my son and did about the same thing as last year - wandered about, took some pics. I am glad they opened it up again to a larger space.
StormCon 2013GMSummerville, SC2013.07.122013.07.14Great Games! Great people! My CoC and GoT were awesome!

StormCon 2013: (July 16 2013) Great weekend of gaming with some great people.

RoundCon 2013GC, GMColumbia, SC2013.08.022013.08.04

JustUs was asked to do gaming at this con. It has been a con I have been wanting to go to but always had trouble finding the time. Perhaps if I had gone sooner, gaming could have been salvaged quicker. Now I have a up-hill battle to recover gaming after some serious damage done by silly regional politics. Overall, it was a good experience. I spent most of the weekend proving what JustUs can do for gaming and networking with those that can help do it better. It was a exhausting weekend for me because of the shmoozing but I am very hopeful for a better year next year. This year, Saturday impressed me the most. We did look busy despite the lack of games I had on the schedule. It was a good weekend and I came up very satisfied with the result.

RoundCon 2013: (August 06 2013) JustUs Productions ran gaming. It went pretty well. We built up a good network to make next year even better.

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Charticon 20131 DayCharlotte, NC2013.08.092013.08.11Stopped by for a day. A small Transformers con convention. I attended for about an hour (yes, I paid a full day to be there for an hour). I wanted to support locals cons while at the same time bond with my son. He had a great time. It has a lot of potential for those that are transformers fans. It is a niche market in fandom so I am not sure how far it is going to go, but if the movies continue to do well, maybe it can ride that surge.

Charticon 2013: (August 10 2013) A small Transformers con convention. I attended for about an hour (yes, I paid a full day to be there for an hour). I wanted to support locals cons while at the same time bond with my son. He had a great time.

MACE 2013GC, GMCharlotte, NC2013.11.152013.11.17Blew the doors out! New record of attendance and I was very proud of how smooth the con ran. [Full Review]

MACE 2013: (November 17 2013) Great Con! Great Turn Out! Largest attendance yet

mini-mace 2014GC, GMKernersville, NC2014.01.252014.01.25New venue, great location. Played one game of Spartacus (probably not the best game to play in a church) and had to leave. Had a great time.

mini-mace 2014: (January 22 2014) New venue, great location. Played one game of Spartacus (probably not the best game to play in a church) and had to leave. Had a great time.

MACE West 2014GC, GMAsheville, NC2014.03.212014.03.23Incredible Weekend up in Asheville. Tons of gaming and had a blast. Asheville folks were incredibly welcoming [Full Review]

MACE West 2014: (March 24 2014) Incredible Weekened up in Asheville. Tons of gaming and had a blast

RavenCon 2014GMRichmond, Va2014.04.252014.04.27Good literary con with a little gaming. Well organized on the sci-fi side, just wished they had that kind of quality on the gaming side. This con is on the verge of having a decent gaming track but needs more coordination and preregistration for everything. [Review on] [Follow Up on

RavenCon 2014: (April 28 2014) Great time in Richmond Va. Met some good people and had fun running Achtung! Cthulhu

StormCon 2014GMCharleston, SC2014.06.202014.06.22Great gaming con, great atmosphere and great energy. Ran Savage Worlds Achtung! Cthulhu and played in a variety of other games.

StormCon 2014: (June 22 2014) Great atmosphere and energy at this con. Enjoyed all the gaming I did

ConGregate 2014GMWinston-Salem, NC2014.07.112014.07.13Good start. Gaming was thin but we are building a good foundation. Saw a ton of old faces I had not seen in a while and met a few new ones. The fandom side wnt really well and that can only mean good things for the con. Great job.

Con-Gregate 2014: (July 11 2014) Good start for a new con. Gaming was fun but needed more gamers.

MACE 2014GC, GMCharlotte, NC2014.11.072014.11.09Brought back Con Killer, played a lot of D&D 5 and also Achtung Cthulhu! Attendance continues to go up!

MACE 2014: (December 03 2014) Best year! Had a great time with Con-Killer, D&D 5 and Achtung Cthulhu!

mini-mace 2015GC, GMKernersville, NC2015.01.242015.01.24Second time at the Church venue. Played one round of Eldritch Horror and one game of Shadows over Camelot. Good times.
MACE West 2015GC, GMAsheville, NC2015.03.202015.03.22Incredible Weekend up in Asheville, once again. Tons of gaming and had a blast. We are already outgrowing some of our space. Incredible. On the flip side, personally it was a very difficult weekend with a death in the family, missing the Pinewood Derby my son did so well at, and my general emotional state as a result of all that. Said some things I regret. 3 years, and I still can't get over the betrayal.

MACE West 2015: (June 10 2015) Already growing out of our space. Another great year!

Club MACE 2015GMNassau, The Grand Turks and Half Moon Key.2015.06.202015.06.27Not really a con but a cruise with con people. We did game some but it was more a vacation for my wife and I. We had a blast!

Club MACE 2015: (June 28 2015) 7 day cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau with gamer friends from MACE. Unbelievable!

ConGregate 2015GC, GMHigh Point, NC2015.07.102015.07.12It was nice to return to the old hotel. Good experience, over all. gaming was a little slow but I hope it will grow. Got to play I Spy, Battle for Oz, Dead of Winter.

ConGregate 2015: (July 22 2015) Gaming was slow again but really picked up Saturday afternoon. Had a blast in the end, got to play a lot of games. I, Spy, Space Movers and Dead of Winter and ran Battle for Oz.

MACE 2015GC, GMCharlotte, NC2015.11.132015.11.15Another big year. Took OGRe to the next level and allowed people to register onsite through it. Ran Fortress America and played some Savage Worlds.

MACE 2015: (November 16 2015) Higher attendance, more gaming and expanded the use of OGRe. Great weekend! My Buy a Little Luck idea was a huge success!

MACE East 2016GC, GMWilmington, NC2016.01.082016.01.10Ran Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu 7. Had a blast, although turn out was light. One and done convention in Wilmington. The hotel was too expensive. We may look elsewhere.

MACE East 2016: (January 14 2016) A good start. The good outweighed the bad overall

MACE West 2016GC, GMAsheville, NC2016.03.182016.03.20Ran Call of Cthulhu 7e, The Last Parsec and Battle for Oz. Fun had by all. Best year yet!

MACE West 2016: (March 29 2016) Had a blast. Ran 3 games with 4 or more players. That has never happened before but maybe because I am running more Savage Worlds. Ran Call of Cthulhu 7e (Restoration of Evil), and two of my own adventures in Savage Worlds. One is for Battle for Oz - the second draft of The Emerald Knight. And then the second was another version of my Vermin of Sarin Prime in THe Last Parsec setting.

ConCarolinas 2016GC, GMConcord, NC2016.06.032016.06.05This marks my return to something I said I would never support again. At least not for free. And that is what I am doing. I return because they are paying me. Rebuilding gaming after 3 years with somebody else. Ran Call of Cthulhu, Fortress America, Cosmic Encounters and played two games of Cthulhu Wars. I had fun!

ConCarolinas 2016 : (June 09 2016) (Gaming Only) My focus was gaming and that is the only place you saw me, for the most part. From a gaming point of view, I had a great time. Played A LOT of games. Cthulhu Wars was awesome! Everything else I tried to ignore.

ConGregate 2016GC, GMHigh Point, NC2016.07.152016.07.17Unfortunately, every year I do this convention, I am more and more disappointed in the turn out for gaming. I am definitely doing something wrong here.

ConGregate 2016: (July 17 2016) Highly disappointed on how gaming has developed for this con. It has not at all and I don\'t see that changing. I think the aspects of cosplay and gaming do not mix well.

MACE 2016GC, GMCharlotte, NC2016.11.112016.11.13Great 20th Anniversary Celebration. Ran 4 games and had a great time.

MACE 2016: (November 18 2016) 20th Anniversary. All four of my games were full and I had a blast!

mini-mace 2017GC, GMKernersville, NC2017.01.282017.01.28Ran 2 games, had a great turn out. Largest ever.
MACE West 2017GC, GMAsheville, NC2017.03.242017.03.26Ran Savage Worlds, and a couple of board games. Very satisfying weekend of gaming.

MACE West 2017: (March 29 2017) Had a blast. Ran 3 board games and 1 RPG. All were either full or close. Ran my second installment of the Reich Star adventures and everyone had fun. There is something about MACE West that makes it special. I hope it continues but recent news make me worry.

ConCarolinas 2017GC, GMCharlotte, NC2017.06.022017.06.04Gaming Coordinator through JustUs Productions. In part because of smaller space, but also in part because of our hard work, gaming was really full and a success. Had a great time, although I am not sure the fandom side did because I all heard were complaints from those guests.

ConCarolinas 2017 : (June 17 2017) (Gaming Only) Gaming had less space but better turn out. We were close to packed.

ConGregate 2017 / DeepSouthCon 55GC, GMHigh Point, NC2017.07.142017.07.16
MACE 2017GC, GMCharlotte, NC2017.11.102017.11.12

MACE 2017: (November 15 2017) 21st annual and it was a lot of fun. had to make room for the Dolphins on Sunday (Monday night game with the Panthers) which cased stress. There were a lot of ups and a few downs. We were down in attendance but after 21 years, you can't always go up. It'was awesome meeting DM Scotty!

MACE West 2018GC, GMAsheville, NC2018.03.092018.03.11Awesome as always. DM Scotty and his game! Awesome! Then DM Scotty with family in my game! Even more awesome!
ConCarolinas 2018GC, GMCharlotte, NC2018.06.012018.06.03Flash Gordon session. Had a blast. Lots of Fireworks and in the end, chicken came home to roost.
MACE 2018GC, GMCharlotte, NC2018.11.092018.11.09Thursday night Flash Gordon with the Crafters. All the Crafting! Awesome!

MACE 2018: (November 19 2018) 22nd annual and it was a lot of fun. About the same in attendance as last year but less miniatures, ore RPGs and board games. Lots of crafters and crafting. 5 youtubers came out and supported us. Gave away a 3D printer and a tone of other crafting thems. It was an incredible weekend. Both games filled up. Savage worlds Flash Gordon & Reich Star

MACE West 2019GC, GMAsheville, NC2019.03.012019.03.03More DM Scotty, Miniature Mash Up Dave, and awesome games

MACE West 2019: (March 05 2019) DM Scotty, Dave Miniature Mashup OGara, and lots of gaming and fun.

ConCarolinas 2019GC, GMCharlotte, NC2019.05.312019.06.02Flash Gordon, Call of Cthulhu and a lot of fun. The old CC seemed to come back. And I won the Rebel and the Rubble award, as a thank you for all my hard work (and mistakes) in the past.

ConCarolinas 2019: (June 07 2019) Worth noting because it was after the ousting of HER - she who stabbed both my wife and myself in the back in 2012. Chickens came home to roost and it was enjoyable. It has recovered from all that drama and politics and now building on its own. Jeff and I also won a Rebel Award from DeepSouthCon/SFC. I also won the much maligned Rubble Award... for recruiting HER in the first place.

MACE 2019GC, GMCharlotte, NC2019.11.082019.11.10Thursday night Call of Cthulhu with the Crafters, Savage Reich Star series 2, part 1 and 2 both went well. Best year ever!

MACE 2019: (November 08 2019) 23rd annual tabletop gaming convention. Great growth, expanded crafting track (of which I got to see none of), more gaming than ever, and my games were great. Concentrated on Savage Reich star and they were awesome.

mini-mace 2020GC, GMKernersville, NC2020.01.252017.01.28Ran two Call of Cthulhu - one in World War II session and one on the moon. Quite fun.
MACE West 2020GC, GMAsheville, NC2020.02.282020.03.01DM Scotty's game Thursday night and Reich Star series 2, part 2 and 3. Part three went down a very surprising road but fun. Went to bed after 3 am each night. Too old for this.

MACE West 2020: (March 02 2020) DM Scotty, my two Reich Star games and lots more gaming!

MACE 2020*GCCharlotte, NC2020.11.13 2020.11.15COVID Version of MACE. I organized it but did not attend. NOt a ton of people showed but those that did apparently had fun.

MACE 2020: (November 18 2020) 24th annual tabletop gaming convention, COVID Edition. I did the schedule, etc. but for the first time in 20 years, I did not attend. Mostly because I was not needed, but also because of COVID and mask wearing as well as "other reasons." I am still recovering and my passion for this endeavor has significantly dropped. I did visit for a short time Sat night.

MACE 2021GC,GMCharlotte, NC2021.11.122021.11.14Incredible! It felt so good to be back. It's like 2020 didn't happen. Well, almost. Crafting contest - won Best Story. Alien RPG and Savage Reich Star. All great games.
MACE West 2022GC,GMAsheville, NC2022.03.112022.03.13It's over. The final one. Had a good time. Maybe a new group will take over the time slot but MACE and MACE West in name are over. RIP Jeff Smith.

MACE West 2022: (April 05 2022) The final MACE West, at least in name. The Memorial service, my Reich Star game as well as my 80s game. All fun!! Real friends showed up!


2019 Rebel Award Winner

In 2019, at ConCarolinas 2019/DeepSouthCon 57, Jeff Smith (JustUs Productions) and I were jointly given the Rebel Award. The Rebel Award is a lifetime achievement award for a science fiction fan who has done a great deal for Southern Fandom. They gave it to Jeff Smith (JustUs Productions) and myself. Between me and Jeff, we have been involved with almost 100 cons, not all gaming MACE events. Many of them were in fact fandom events, although those giving us the award probably did not know that. I suppose they saw the body of work that they knew of, between the both of us and gave it to us.

2019 Rubble Award Winner

The Rubble award is given to the person who has done the most *to* southern fandom in the past year.   This is intended to be less an honor and more of a ribbing but good-natured. The Rubble is not an officially-sponsored award and some cons don’t even do it.  I didn’t when I was 2010 con chair. According to the staff who I talked to later, I got that because it’s my fault for bringing a certain person that nearly bankrupted the con, into the committee in the first place.

Additionally, I have won:

  • MACE 2021 Best Story in the Dollarstore Crafting Contest

Fandom & Gaming  Community 

The UNCC Guild- I help get the Guild to where it is today, but I didn’t help “start” it. The Guild is now over 15 years old and holds gaming of all kinds every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on UNCC campus. I also help start the John D Reavis Hammer of Thor Scholarship fund that awards a Guild student $1000 for tuition each year.

Through the years, I was involved with other fledgling clubs include a gaming club in Gastonia, a sci-fi and gaming club in Winthrop, as well as several online groups, meetups and meeting lists. By now, they are too numerous to mention. But over the years, I tried to use my passion for sci-fi and gaming to grow the community where I could. I can’t say I was solely responsible, but I would like to take some of the credit for state of Charlotte fandom is now – in addition to the long running HeroesCon (which I had nothing to do with), we now have 1 major sci-fi con, a few anime cons, as well as a college sci-fi club and a community sci-fi club that continue to thrive. While I may not be totally responsible for this, I am somewhere in that foundation because when I got here, sci-fi and gaming fandom was dead in Charlotte.

Getting too old for this

Unfortunately, like everything in life, things grow old and stale. And sometimes mold and mildew, disease and pestilence spoils the beauty of things. Fandom as well as the gaming community have grown to be a cesspool of anger and hate at a time when this country has grown more and more divided. I hate that it has gotten to this as I used gaming and fandom to escape such things. Instead the bullies and generally ugly people have come to something I have put so much time into.

Since 2012, I have focused strongly on gaming conventions and gaming at sci-fi cons.  I have no desire to be involved with organizing fandom events anymore. Since 2020, that which infested fandom has now reached gaming, much to my disappointment. I had hopes that it would stay out of our little corner of fandom but I was wrong. My time organizing for conventions is constantly evolving. I have yet to find a real reason to stop but at some point I kow I will have to.