Species: Former Human

Type: Self-Willed undead

Origin: Canada


Documented Notes

Narcisse was once an actor, and considered himself very good at what he did. However, something put him over the edge of what some consider “conventional sanity”, and he became a homeless wanderer. No one, not even the Breed, knows the nature of whatever cracked Narcisse, but it was definitely traumatic and life-changing.

Narcisse became convinced he could see a face under his own – his true face. His dreams were full of monsters and a place called Midian. Doctors cast him off as delusional, but not a danger to himself. How little they knew.

Add-ins & Elaborations

The quest for Midian became a religion to him, and nothing else mattered. He saw it dreams, and in drunken delirium, as a place where the unaccepted; the shunned are accepted and the evil are forgiven. He felt like a failure because his acting career was dwindling. His depression and despair lead him to drugs and to other acts of desperation. Soon he became a drifter and wanted for many different crimes. The guilt and depression drove the man insane.

Through all this time, he was convinced that he was not his true self. Hidden beneath his face, was his true face – his face that everyone would accept. That face that would lead him to Midian.

Narcisse is a strong Empath, and has strong seer powers. However, he doesn’t quite have the control of them he’d like. He has strange tastes and a strange sense of humor. He revels in the fact that he’s a Breed now, although the least respected one. He continues to believe that Baphomet has a grander purpose for him.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

He carries around two thumb blades, with which if he gets close enough, he can be deadly. The turn to Breed has given him inhuman strength and longevity. He is also a walking dead, so he can not be killed by normal means.

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Strong Emapthic – He has strong seer abilities. Most of his visions come in drugged delirium.