National Treasure 2 – One small part that drove me nuts!

National Treasure 2 – One small part that drove me nuts!

There was a scene in National Treasure 2 that really tweaked my historical and political sensibilities. I do not think anyone else would notice unless they were a student of history and federalism as our founding fathers intended.

Gates (Nicolas Cage’s character) said that Lincoln (his favorite president) changed the way people saw the US. Instead of saying the “United States are…”, they said the “United States is…” Before the US Civil War, the US was many small states while after it, they were one. They make it all out to be a great thing.

And that’s what bugs me. It’s NOT a great thing. It’s a socialist thing. The founding father intended that our states be autonomous regions with very little interference from the Federal government.

This utterly blew me away. This is unbelievable left-wing socialist historical revisionism. And it is so subtle that the average person doesn’t even know its there.

And it sounds good, doesn’t it?

“What’s wrong with one nation?”

“We all want to be one nation, don’t we?” 

That’s all good when you talking generally and that fact never changed when we were the “United States ARE …”

But when you are talking ideologically and in terms of size of federal government, then no, it is not a good thing.

We need to go back to the United States ARE…