NCIS  Episode last night

NCIS Episode last night

It’s annoying. I can see the liberals trying to sneak in their messages while at the same time appease the average Joe with simple minded plot twists. Last night, the show tried like crazy to preach against racial profiling. They were in the “boondocks” of Virginia (which look less like the boondocks and more like a suburb of DC… trust me, I know boondocks of Va)… They were investigating a murder of course and there were some small town cops who end up being guilty of xenophobia and racial profiling. So the entire show spends the hour preaching against the evils of racial profiling and then at the last minute, they show that indirectly the cop was right. 2 out of the three Arabs they were investigating were terrorists, it was just that the redneck cop was framing the wrong guy. But this all happened in the last minute of the show, so do you think the average Joe is going to get the true message or the preachie anti-racial profiling message? Bugs the crap out of me. I guess it shouldn’t because it redeamed itself in the last minute, but it just didn’t seem balanced to me. The real message to me is even when you racial profile, 2 time so f 3 you are probably right. I would rather be wrong one third of the time than weong two-thirds by letting terrorists go. This coupled with some of the messages being portrayed by some of the characters on 24 is really annoying me.

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