SavRS Characters 08.11: Einherjar

SavRS Characters 08.11: Einherjar

Einherjar is another project by the Reich to create enhanced human “super” soldiers. In some ways, the program was a success but not entirely. Every enhancement had a balancing factor. It started in the late 60s with Eugenic programs in targeted areas in Europe. The test subjects were tagged and watched, while at the same time given privileges others did not. It was a generational project that began to show its results by the third generation.

Einherjar or Enhanced Human Soldiers


One physical attribute (STR, AGL, VIG) starts at d6 instead of d4.

Distribute +2 bonuses between one or two attributes. Then balance it out with -2 points to one or two others.



The Einherjar is as deft with his left hand as he is with his right. He ignores the Off-Hand penalty. If holding a weapon in each hand, Ambidextrous characters may stack Parry bonuses (if any) from both weapons.


Most Einherjar suffer some mental illness due to the generational eugenics. Choose a Hindrances from this list:

Arrogant, Bloodthirsty, Clueless, Death Wish, Delusional, Habit, Impulsive, Mean, Phobia, Quirk, Ruthless, Vengeful.