SavRS Characters 08.12: Tiervolk or Moreaus

SavRS Characters 08.12: Tiervolk or Moreaus

Optional Mutant Character Type

Using the Savage World Supplement from DriveThruRPG, Mals: A Human-Animal Hybrid Sourcebook 

Human animal hybrid experimentation is one of the many sinister methods used by the Reich for their many eugenics programs.  The Empire was no different.  As regimes changed, attitudes towards these experiments changed.  But the genetics traits passed on and manifest occasionally within the population.

Reich and Imperial scientists during these experiments, primarily focused on the Classes and Orders of animals that they could most benefit from – Carnivores for military use and docile types for civilian life.  Most of the Tirevolk are Transgenic, meaning they are almost entirely human with only a few new genes inserted or existing genes replaced.  Only a very small percentage are considered full hybrids – obviously bestial, physically resembling a half-man, half-animal combination.  These are traditionally usually destroyed in lab and if they escape, they are hunted by the Reich and the Empire as they are considered mistakes.

Transgenic Tirevolk Characters

Transgenic Tirevolk are an attempt to improve upon humanity by introducing a few traits from animal species. Transgenic Tirevolk are easier to create and generally more successful, but – since they are more easily hidden within society – are less sought-after than hybrids, who are more often classified as animals.  Unlike hybrids, Transgenic may have genes from more than two different species. It’s not unusual for a transgenics to have echo-location abilities from the bat genome, powerful lungs from the cetacean genome, and feline agility all in the same being.

Ability Scores

Transgenic Tirevolk can choose from the following Attribute Modifier Packages:



Spiritual: +2 SPIRIT, -1 STRENGTH, -1 SMARTS or VIGOR

Strong: +2 STRENGTH, -1 SMARTS, -1 SPIRIT.


Other Traits

Low-Light Vision: Transgenic Tirevolk have the night vision inherent in most animals. They ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.  They can differ this ability for an additional Minor Physical Genetic Upgrade.

Cognitive Genetic Upgrade: Transgenic Tirevolk may choose one cognitive genetic upgrade (pg. 15).

Major Physical Genetic Upgrade: Transgenic Tirevolk may choose one major physical genetic upgrade (pg 16).

Minor Physical Genetic Upgrade: Transgenic Tirevolk may choose one minor physical genetic upgrade (pg 17).

Physical Abnormality: Transgenic Tirevolks have at least one physical abnormality (pg 18).  Any physical abnormality that is easily spotted will have to be hidden in some way, through extra clothing, makeup or something.

Wanted (Minor):  All Transgenic Tirevolk are hunted by the Powers That Be.  Scene as genetic abominations and mistakes, punishable by death.  No one new that these genetic traits would survive in the gene pool of the Minder.  So any sign of one is a violation of Reich and Imperial Law.  They gain the Hindrance at a Minor level because they are difficult to spot.  Unless they overtly show extraordinary abilities or admit to being a tirevolk, the authorities will assume the person is human.

Additional Cognitive Genetic Upgrades

Body Speak: Two Tirevolk with Body speak can communicate together without speaking a word.  Both must be able to see them and discern sutble body movements.

Keen Hearing: A Tirevolk can identify a sound’s location much faster than a human can, as well as hear sounds four times farther away than humans.

Water Sense: A Tirevolk can sense water up to three miles away.

Toxic Sense: A Tirevolk can sense what fauna is poisonous and toxic to humans just by smelling.

Additional Major Physical Genetic Upgrade

Retractable Fangs: (same as Retractable Climbing Claws)

Additional Minor Physical Genetic Upgrade

(to be determined)

Additional Physical Abnormalities

Obvious Beastial Feature (requires Claws or Fangs):  Coupled with either Fangs or Claws, these features are very difficult to hide and are easily spotted. This applies a -2 to Stealth checks to hide these features.

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