New Fading Suns & Star Frontiers Site in the works

New Fading Suns & Star Frontiers Site in the works


I am putting together a new web site. Soon all the different sub-sites will look like this at least in format. Colors will be different.

Right now, I have my Fading Suns up and working on Star Frontiers.

Also resurrected my Shatterzone site and added a bunch of old/new stuff to my Star Frontiers site. Also more “art” added to my Gallery (under My Stuff).

Dark Conspiracy site all but converted. A little work to do on the Nightbreed side. Added some more stuff to it. I dug up a lot of old stuff and typed it in this weekend.

Bloodshadows site converted.

Alternity Site converted, such as it is.

Added Misc. Gaming Page with other gaming stuff I have done and am doing.

Soon to come: d6 Class system, and Advanced SF PDF.

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