New Game – Etherscope – more than just steampunk!

New Game – Etherscope – more than just steampunk!

I have had a fleeting attraction to the steampunk genre but no game really grabbed me. Goodman Games donated a game to ConCarolinas called Ehterscope so I decided to look at it.

I like it A LOT!

Not only is it Steampunk, but it is alternate history, with the US and Britain entangled in a Cold War, the Reich Empire, the Russian Communists and the Japanese Empire all caught in the middle.

Set in 1984, history occured differently than we know it. WWI happened a little differently, ending in a draw and WWII was simply the Pacific War between Japan and Russia.

The technology that changed the world is closely linked to the theoretical fifth element ether and the thermodynamic principles surrounding entropy. This opens up a new dimension of boundless energy and a world similar to virtual reality.

The problem is that tapping this dimension also opens doors to demonic powers.

There is also international intrigue and a little Cthulhu-style horror (probably another reason I like it) thrown in there for good measure. It has some pretty cool tech and cool concepts.

It is based on d20 Modern, with a few additions to the rules. It’s a stand alone rulebook so Goodman games spent a pretty penny to publish this.

It is something I really want to try.


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