New Games

New Games

Just got a few new games that I wanted to comment on….

Traveller (Mongoose Publishing) – This is basically 5th Edition Traveller. Completely unrelated to GURPS traveller and d20 Traveller, this game is going to be the flag ship of a whole new set of sci-fi games using this core system for Mongoose Publishing. It is basically a 2d6 system, where 8 is the fixed difficulty. The variation comes in modifiers. I am still reading it but that`s the first things I read. Not sure how I feel about it, but it is more realistic (with the bell-curve) and such. I may run a session somewhere.

Aliens the Boardgame – I have been trolling Ebay for a copy of this for months. I have tried tiwce before to bid on a copy and got sniped both times. Both games went for $100 or more. This one I got for $55! It is a little underwhelming, all cardboard pieces, etc. But I got IT! That’s all that matters 🙂

Now the expansion!

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