Savage Reich Star 00.0: Timeline

Savage Reich Star 00.0: Timeline


Savage Reich Star Timeline

Work in progress, a proposed modification to the Reich Star Timeline. Additions are in Green
YearMonthSignificant Events
1931September Japan invades Manchuria
1937February The start of the of the dismantling of the Protestant church in Germany, to be replaced faithful loyalty and rituals of the Party.
1939September Germany invades Poland, with the help of the Soviet Union, and the citystate Danzig.
1940September - November27 September - The signing of the Tripartite Pact forms the Axis powers between Germany, Italy and Japan. Joining later were Hungary (20 November 1940), Romania (23 November 1940), Bulgaria (1 March 1941) and Yugoslavia (25 March 1941), as well as by the German client state of Slovakia (24 November 1940).
1941AprilHitler assassinated by a young Jew named Edwin Rosenbaum. (Rumours suggest a cover up in that this was actually carried out by people within the government and Rosenbaum was merely a scapegoat.) Himmler became the new Führer. Deputy Führer Hess dies in an automobile accident, and Joseph Goebbels was named his successor. Germany is positioned into a Total War stance. Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's plan to invade the Soviet Union is postponed.
1941DecemberJapan bombs Pearl Harbour, devastating the American Navy.  All US Carriers are lost in the attack. With little threat from the US, Japan focuses on Eastern Russia as part of an agreement with Germany, called the Hsinking Accord. Pitting conscripted Chinese against Eastern Soviet troops, millions are slaughtered.
1942OctoberFocusing the heart of their forces on the US, Japan executes Operation Īgurubāningu (Burning Eagle) - the Invasion of San Francisco. Japan, unimpeded by the devastated US Navy invades San Francisco, California. This marks the beginning of the fall of the Pacific States to the Nippon Empire. Imperial forces reach the Rocky Mountains by the end of the year.
1943MarchThe beginning of the year opens with the execution of the newly modified Operation Barbarossa, now bolstered with a much stronger blitzkrieg due to the Total War stance of Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union was completely surprised as Germany spearheads deep into the country, slaughtering millions along the way, indiscriminately. With the Nazi knocking at the door of Moscow and threatening a third atomic strike, Stalin surrenders and allows the Germans to march into Moscow.
1943AugustWar of Unification ends after the atomic annihilation of London and New York, by German v4 Missiles.
1944MayBerlin-Tokyo Unification Accord signed by Prime Minister Tojo and Reich Chancellor Himmler, agreeing on the division of the countries of the World and general agreements on mutual policies on "undesirables," trade, technology sharing and diplomacy.
1944JuneSlavery officially sanctioned in the Third Reich by Reich Chancellor Himmler. As part of Generalplan Ost, Soviet citizenry make up a majority of the slaves in Europe as the are forced to rebuild their own country. Millions die in these labor camps.
1945 - 1959Over the next 14 years, skirmishes flare up all over their world, in both Reich and Imperial territory. These collectively are called the Reunification Wars. Wars in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia, and the US South East all had considerable flare ups. In 1959, Sydney is the worst casualty of these wars as it is destroyed by Imperial nuclear missile. All major engagements end not long after this, except for the Middle East, which remains to this day a warzone.
1946JuneThe Empire tests its first atomic bomb. This heralds a new age of nuclear arms proliferation - an arms race.
1947DecemberThe first edition of the Goebbels translation of the Bible is published. No other version is allowed to be printed or imported into the Reich territories. Formation of the Reichschurch.
1951JulyThe first experimentation into contra-grav technology begins in the Reich. In 5 years, a full prototype contrgrav vehicle is developed.
1953MarchThe Empire of Nippon mysteriously obtains its own contra-grav technology, introducing a much more efficient version.
1959JuneThe Reich successfully lands first manned Lunar mission piloted by Otto Hansbäcker. The race to establish a Moon colony begins.
1959AugustThe Empire launches its first orbital flight, the Hiryō.
1960The death in mysterious circumstances of Heinrich Himmler. Fredreich Thierens, 38 years of age inaugurated as the new Führer. Japanese supported resistance groups are blamed for the assassination. Thierens ushers in a era of a "kinder, more gentler" Reich, as the Reich fully evolves to a post-war stance.
1960The Empire lands robotic drone on the dark side of Luna. Population of Erde reaches 5 Billion.
1963Construction completes on Nippon first orbital station Hirohito, a new palace for his excellency, opening the space race between the two major powers. The same year, Nippon lands on a manned mission on Luna. Secretly, the station is a platform for Nippon nuclear missiles
1963WIth tensions building over a possible war for the Moon, the First Luna Accords between the Reich and the Empire divides the Moon up between the two powers.
1966Construction completes on the second Nippon station lzanami, in Lagrange Point 4 (L4).
1968With the great assistance of Reich Chancellor Thierens' passion for space exploration and the need to match Japanese leaps in technology, Germany lands the first men on Mars - Erich Schenker and Paul Last. The Reich begins plans begin to colonize Mars.
1971Construction starts in Earth GSO on the Reich station Adler I and is completed with in the year. Construction on Alder II immediately in Lagrange Point 3 (L3). Alder II is more militarized and industrialized than its predecessor.
1971The Empire of Nippons lands a mission on the opposite side of Mars, laying claim to "their half of Mars."
1972War nearly breaks out as clashes between Reich and Imperial spaces forces on and around Mars flare up. The Martian Treaty is signed by the Reich Chancellor and the Imperial Prime Minister to share Martian territory equally.
1973The first "body banks" are opened in Berlin. This marks significant advancements in medical science, primarily reached by the Reich (through their secret experimentation.)
1973First Launch of supplies for the colonization of Mars by the Reich.
1973 First commercial contra-grav made available to the elite in the Reich and Nippon.
1975Reich Chancellor Thierens killed in contra-grav transport crash at the age of 53.  However he had cemented the Reich's future in space exploration. Indeed only 8 years after his death, the Reich was successfully colonized Mars. Andreas Luger, at 40 became the new Reich Chancellor.
1979The Reich establishes a Class III starport on the Moon, at the Lunar crater Clavius in Luna, as mainly for military observation and large sized ship construction. Within 5 years, a considerable colony is built around it.
1981The Empire builds a Class III starport on the Moon at Ptolemaeus Lunar crater as an answer to Clavius. Like its counterpart, a large colony develops around it.
1982Death of Emperor Hirohito of mysterious circumstances. Emperor Norogumi inherits the throne. Seeing the threat of German overpopulation, one of his first policy changes was the Unification of the Wajin people with attempts to eugenically integrate other Asian ethnicities into the "people of Japan."
1983The first experimental colony on Mars is completed at the Arsia Mons. A terraforming plan is put in place to build up the Martian atmosphere.
1985Mining Colonies established jointly between the Nippon Empire and the Reich on Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas, marking the start of a full scale exploitation and expansion into the asteroid belt . Much of the mining and construction is performed by slave labor augmented by robotic and cybernetic labor.
1987The Reich establishes a GSO station over Venus, named Himmler Alpha.
1987 Japan attempts a colony on Venus. The following year, it mysteriously ceases communication with Earth and the Reich investigators reported that "due to inferior construction, the colony could not withstand the harsh atmosphere of Venus." All hands were reported lost.
1988Robotic Colonies of both major powers begin to establish on a few near-Erde asteroids. Manned colonies established on the moons of Mars - Phobos by the Reich and Deimos by the Empire.
1990The Empire develops a new high-efficiency drive system for low orbit and systems shuttles called the Electrostatic Ionic Inducers. This soon becomes the standard from shuttles to large transports, cutting fuel costs in half. At the same time, the Reich develops new treatments for high-G effects in space travel as well as new shielding against cosmic radiation.
1992Ceres station, a major trading and shipping port in the asteroid belt, is rendered uninhabitable due to "insurgent terrorist attack." Thousands of the inhabitants lose their lives and Ceres remains a dead rock to this day. Pallas station takes over a majority of the Ceres operations. Luger initiates the early stages of what later would be called the War on Insurgency.
1993Joint military base completed on Eros, as both sides see it as a strategic point in the inner worlds as well as a security concern due to its cross-Mars orbit nature. Automated defenses systems are set up through at the Amor asteroid group creating a complex defense net for the Inner Worlds, focusing on Erde and Mars. Rumor said there was a growing concern that certain resistance groups were building a plan to use one of the asteroids in the Apollo or Amor groups as a weapon to drop on Erde or Mars. Massive gauss and plasma weapons are placed and some asteroid orbits adjusted to defense both worlds against the possibility. This is dubbed by the Reich as Heimfestung Netz or Home Fortress Net. Central command of this network is on Eros and is called Adlerkralle by the Reich and Doragon'nesuto (Dragon Nest) by the Empire.
1995The Reich sleeper ship, Thierens Dream was despatched for Alpha Centauri with a crew in suspended animation.
1995Never to be outdone, the Empire begins work on its own sleeper program with eyes on Barnard's Star, with Project Yume. In 2 years, they build their own ship called the Takama-ga-hara (Plain of High Heaven). In what is only assumed as sabotage, the ship explodes in the orbital launch station.
1998 Technology reaches new level of advancement in micro-technology and strength in materials never reached before. Mitsubishi and Porsche release contra-grav technology to the public after years in use by the governments and the elite in the form of low-cost vehicles. The ljiwara Corporation in Tokyo, introduces the first vibro-bladed knife.
1998Reich Chancellor Luger dies suddenly at the age of 68 and is replaced by Alex Truckler, age 53, a former Minister of Police. He only lasted 5 years before being assassinated.
1999Chancellor Alex Truckler is known for one thing - the release of the Netz to the public. In an effort to bolster public favor, Chancellor Truckler released the technology to access the NII to the general public. Nippon has had their public network for 4 years already and there was considerable pressure from the public in the Reich to do the same.
2001Death of Emperor Norogumi. Succeeded by Emperor Tansuye.
2002The home of the AAU Prime Minister (former White House) in Washington DC building is destroyed by a massive truck bomb. The resistance is blamed and a major crackdown on the resistance ensues. No specific group ever took credit. This becomes known as the War on Sedicion.
2003Assassination of Reich Chancellor Truckler. The new Reich Chancellor, Walter Schell, announces that he wishes to see Germany's commitment to interstellar travel raised and revitalized and an award of 5 million Reichsmarks will be given to the first man or woman who succeeds in designing a faster-that-light mode of travel.
2004 - 2010The next 6 years mark the height of the Space Race. Nippon and Reich race to colonize what they can of the Solar System, some are successful and others are failures. Both Reich and Nippon establish successful on Venus, Europa, and Ganymede. In many cases, the construction was performed by automatons and drones.

Venusians from both the Reich and Imperial colonies band together to begin the difficult process of terraforming Venus.

The Reich builds one the largest station to date in GSO over Jupiter, calling it Joseph Goebbels station. Following this, both successfully establish Colonies on Callisto, Titan and Enceladus. Nippon establishes a station called Tojo.
2012 - 2014Battle of the Belt - Tension rise between asteroid belt factions loyal to both the Italian Socialist Republic and the Empire as the battle over a cluster of valuable asteroids. Mistakes were made, and open warfare ensues. In the end, with the threat of the Reich entering the conflict, the Empire compromised. It ends 2 years later with the arrival of the never-seen-before dreadnaught class space battleship, the Dresden.
2016The final phase of the Space Race peaks as colonies and stations are built or attempted on the Outer Reaches (Außenbereichen) and their moons.
2020The last Outer Reaches robotic colony is established by the Empire on Pluto.
2022-2024Außen Reichweite Konflikt (Outer Reach Conflict) - skirmishes break out among various Reich and Empire forces as well as resistance groups, as the Powers extend to the last reaches of the solar system. Collectively, it was called the Outer Reach Conflict. Threatening to break out into all out war, Reich Chancellor Schell headed up the effort to settle the conflict with the Außen Reichweite Vertrag (Outer Reach Treaty) which divided the Outer Reaches and defined borders. Reich Chancellor Schell is much maligned because many felt he gave up too much to the Imperials. This marks the end of the Space Race.
2025Reich Chancellor Schell dies of a heart attack. The new Reich Chancellor is Tristan Werner and sees that Schell was correct in the Reich's approach to their space programme. He increases the award to 10 million Marks.
2028Phobos incident - A massive explosion from some unknown location within the Phobos colony knocks Phobos into a new orbit over Mars. Thousands are killed. Survivors are evacuated to the Martian Reich colony (New Munich). The colony is all but abandoned. The resistance is blamed but no specific group ever took credit.
2029Advancements in power cell and reactor technology allow for more advanced uses of Contra-Grave including gravity wave manipulation, anti-grav systems, inertial dampening, and gravity field/radiation shielding. Among other things, this allows for faster travel with-in system by reducing the effects of high-G travel as well as anti-grav systems allowing for horizontal designs of ships.
2030The Imperial's first major manned colony on Callisto is abandoned after a slave rebellion. No effort was made to regain the colony but all supplies shipments are ceased. It is assumed that all left behind died when the food and air ran out.
2032The Reich's Io colony station shifts from an unmanned to a manned station with the installation of advanced radiation shielding systems.
2036Yugoslavian Conflict - Political tensions between various forced populations erupt in a nationwide conflict.
2048 Prince Miyamoto is born in Tokyo.
2057 Thierens Dream's laser transmitter signals fades and disappears. It was believed that the ship had been lost, the crew presumed dead. What could reasonably be achieved in interstellar space exploration came under question, and that aspect of the space programme ground to a halt.
2060Reichschancellor Werner is the first to resign the Chancellorship due to old age. Maximillian Bourke takes over as Reichscbancllor.
2063Emperor Tansuye dies, leaving his son Miyamoto to inherit his throne at the age of 15.
2064Under extreme secrecy, a major breakthrough in long range exploration came with the invention of the Trans Dimensional Initiator, TDI, by Dr. Ubrieb Scblöss, revealing the existence of a parallel dimension, dubbed Ultraspace.
2065Current Date of Savage Rech Star

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  1. Check 1945 and 1946. It says that the Empire of Nippon strikes Sydney with a nuclear missile in 1945 however tests its’ first atomic bomb in 1946. I am liking what you are doing with this. Plus if Ken approves I will send all my material for the Empire of Nippon.

    Cheers for keeping the dream alive.

    • Yea, I completely missed that. Still does not explain how Japan got the bomb. My plan was not to negate anything that was previously written. Just expand on it. I will edit it accordingly. At this point, this is just be pre-development of the Savage Worlds version, raw and not very well edited. A draft of sorts.

      I have talked to Ken about this a little as well as Clint Black at PEG. There is interest on both sides. I just have to stay on it. I have an outline of the setting book that I will soon post.

    • OK, went back and edited. I realize that I did not make it clear enough that they nuke of Sydney occurred in 1959. I felt that taming an entire World, especially one as fragmented as the Pacific, would take a while, so I inserted the “Reunification Wars.” Nuking Sydney would end it abruptly once the Japanese perfected the Nuke.

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