New Weapons & Ammo

New Weapons & Ammo

The images are old drawings I did and labelled with a dot matrix printer.  Sort of a throwback.  I touched them up with Photoshop a little.

E.P. Laser Series

H.E.P.S.A.W’s (High Explosive Pulse Energy Systems Assault Weaponry) are a type of chemical laser that burns its targets unlike the standard PGC laser. The weapon fires a burst of blasts (1 roll required) without any type of recoil This gives the user a +1 CS. E.P.’s are illegal in all parts of the Frontier. The Rim and The Dominion have not made any laws against them.

(Inspired by the energy weapons in Terminator)

E.M.A. Projectile Series

ElectroMagnetic Acceleration Weapons (Gauss) use a charged coil barrel to soundlessly accelerate a small charged slug to a high and potentially dangerous velocity. Although the E.M.A weapons can not be heard when fired, they do make a bright flash when fired. The E.M.A. AUTOBLASTER and the ASSAULT RIFLE fire a burst with little or no recoil which again gives the user a +1 CS in combat. The ASSAULT RIFLE is only available to military or security personnel. (Not an issued weapon)

E.M.A. Ammo

E.M.A ammunition comes in many different forms. The Standard Solid Projectile is a specially charged 4.0 mm slug that is available to the public. The Light Explosive Projectile ammunition is available to corporate security forces at normal cost and to the public at x 1.5 the listed price for the P.A.W.R Committee registration fee. The High Explosive ammunition is only available to military personnel. The Acid-filled and Poison-filled are available to all at normal price.

Note: E.M.A. requires two turns to load and prime.

LAP Projectile Series

Linear Accelerated Projectiles Weapon Series

Created roughly 50 frontier years after its predecessor the EMA weaponry, the LAP weaponry was meant to be the common-man’s EMA. In most cases of the weapon design, the power source is stored in with the rounds in a single clip which makes it affordable and effective. Sacrificing some of the effectiveness of the EMA, the weapon is still popular among the enforcers and explorers of the modern frontier.


BOB Weaponry

Best Of Both Series. This weapon series was created specifically for the Enforcer profession. It was intended to be the ultimate two-in-one weapon. Because of many complaints from enforcers on the field about having to carry two primary weapons, one of them decided to do something about it. James Flamor (a human…. sort of), a long time veteran enforcer and celebrated hero in many sectors, retired to become chief executive of the BOB division of WarTech after they excepted his idea.



The BOB-E1000 has a variable burst setting for the laser assault rifle that allows for higher degrees of possible damage.

SETTING 1: 1 Location Hit

SETTING 2: 2 Locations Hit

SETTING 3: 1d4+2 Locations hit

Roll the given amount of times on a hit location chart and divide the total damage by that number to determine the amount of damage for each location.

Terran Expanse Weapons

PISTOLS:.22 Calibre, .32 Calibre, .35 Calibre Hi-Power, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, .45 Calibre, .44 Magnum (and their automatic versions)

LARGE PISTOLS: Uzi Mark-77 SMG, Ingram M-19 SMG

RIFLES:.22 Light, .23 Bronen MK 2, .24 Gunler MK-4, .30 M-5 Sniper, .308 Calibre ( and where applicable, their automatic versions)

All of the weapons listed above are hybrids of their ancient Terran predecessors. There have been quite a few changes since then. Many changes that make the Terran Imperial Expanse weapons much more different from their ancient grandparents resulted from the wars, decline, and regrowth that plagued the Terran Expanse until its fall. Ammunition is now caseless. The propellant is made of a highly directional ceramic explosive-concentrate. The loading, firing, and anti-jam systems have been redesigned over the centuries. The weapons themselves are molded from alloys of ceramics and metallic-plastics and specially treated to compensate for environment differences. All these advancements have made these weapons the most reliable and durable in Allied Space.

Hand Blaster: The Hand Blaster is the only remnant of the Terran Space Marines. It was their primary weapon. It is much like the EP lasers but not quite as potent.



MT-1 Laser Assault Rifle uses standard 20 SEU clips to fire a “shot gun” effect type burst of laser fire. This weapon also gives the user a +1 CS in combat for the recoilless burst. Also, the rocket launcher on the underside is a larger version of a gyrojet type weaponry and does have a recoil.

MT-3B Multi-Assault weapon is Multi Tech attempt to combine the power of H.E.P.E.S.A.W weaponry and the dual power of two grenade launchers. It isn’t a bad attempt because now it is the standard issue for most of WAR-TECH’S security forces. The rifle also gives the user a +1 CS for recoilless burst for the H.E.P.E.S.A.W rifle, not for the grenade launchers.

MT-9X Double Barrel Grenade Launcher is Multitech’s interpretation of overkill. It fires two HE grenades at once causing serious damage if the target is beyond short range. It is not recommended to fire it at a target within short or point blank range because of safety matters.

Pulse rifle with Pump Action Grenade Launcher is the standard assault rifle for all foot soldiers in Land Fleet and for some planetary militia. It fires special caseless high velocity explosive rounds from a 100 round clip, and the underside pump action grenade launcher fires 35 mm explosive grenades. Neither the weapon nor the ammunition are sold in the public market legally. Anyone who is issued a rifle and has proper military ID can pick up ammunition from any local gun shop.

Improved Model Pulse Rifle – M-51 LAP Version “IMPulse” w/ Grenade Launcher was introduced 50 years after the Pulse Rifle. With the need to introduce linear accelerated weapons into the military, the designers at Remis War Machine Inc. introduced their version of the improved Pulse rifle. The military accepted it, but it has had a mixed reception within the ranks. Some still prefer the older version while others completely dropped it for the new one. The Impulse Rifle is not legally available to the general public. See template for special armor piercing properties.

Smart Gun Assault System is the ultimate in light support weaponry. The weapon and its ammunition pack are mounted on a mini-exoskeleton which relieves the wearer of most of the weight. The weapon itself, an upgraded version of the M2-HB of the 20th century, is mounted on a MUTLI-TECH OMNI-SWIVEL ARM which gives the gunner unlimited maneuverability. The high explosive/armor piercing rounds are fed through flexi-plastisteel belt.

Note: Smart Gun Assault Systems are not available to public. Military use only. Ammo as for Pulse Rifle.

The Smart Gun Assault System
(a) Compatible with the X-12 LC/CA Helmet
(b) Body-Comp (must be used with X-12 Helmet)
(1) Dis-Viz
(2) T-System Type-I +2/+1/+1/+1/+0
(3) Helmlink
(4) Compsight I,II,III
(c) 600 round Ammunition Pack
Armor Piercing Capabilities
Ancient ArmorAutomatic penetration
Type AAutomatic penetration
Type BArmor takes only 1/8 of damage
Type CArmor takes only 1/4 of damage
Type DArmor takes only 1/3of damage
Armor Piercing Capabilities


TypeThis is the assigned type according to the armor tables
ResultThis explains what happens when the round hits the armor. Example: When a type C is hit, 1/16 of the damaged caused by the round is taken by the armor. The remaining 15/16 is taken by whatever is under that layer of armor whether it be more armor or flesh.

Note: Only effective defense are screens.

Streel Weapon Systems 6HG HyperGyrojet MiniGun

An outlawed weapon in most sectors, the 6HG GyroMiniGun combines the speed and power of a 6-barreled minigun and the strength of the Gyrojet weapons. Intended as an anti-vehicular weapon, the 6HG was illegally adopted as an antipersonnel weapon by some terrorist and pirate organization. The standard ammunition made by Streel is either a 180 round box or a 360 round back-pack, HE rounds with every third round AP. Their are also Tangler Packs and Standard Round packs available.

Recoil from the weapon causes serious jolts that only can be compensated by mounting on a vehicle or a secured tripod. If fired without, there is a -3 RS.

MultiTech MT-BT Dual Minigun

Primary intended as a Powered Assault Armor attachment or a small vehicle mounted weapon, the MT-BT combines BOB technology with a 4-barrel minigun. It fires both a particle beam laser and the LAP type projectile virtually simultaneously. At the 12 o’clock position, the particle beam, which is like an enhanced Rafflur or Bolt, fires through the Charge Absorption System, which charges the linear accelerator coil that projects the slug when the barrel circles 180 degrees to the 6 o’clock position. This cycle continues at a high rate of speed, making the weapon an effective beam/projectile weapon at the same time.

Despite it original design as a PAA or small vehicle weapon, hand versions are available at the same price. The weapons relative-lack of recoil makes it an attractive weapon for on the field.

New Gryojet Ammo


High Explosive jet rounds come in a 5 round clip and consist of a small charge of concentrated TD-19 with a small impact detonator. This type of ammo is illegal in most parts of the known space.

MAX DMG:PISTOL: 60 (per round)RIFLE: 84 (per round)

RESTRICTION: The design of the ammunition only allows 2 rounds per turn.