Newsnet Headlines: Dirty Pair Strike Again!

Newsnet Headlines: Dirty Pair Strike Again!


City Tralas on Tresidiss becomes an island & the Dirty Pair was there08-2144:1200 LT: TresidissA major planetary tragedy struck today on the pleasure and resort Herglic ruled-planet of Tresidiss, when six large-scale nuclear devices exploded along the fault-line that ran through Tralas City. Despite all the credits spent by the Herglic Clans on a high-tech early warning system, many lost their lives as a devastating quake ripped the city from the coast of the primary continent. The quake measured 12.0 on the hnperial Tectonic Scale, as much of the once great hotels, casinos, and beach front properties was destroyed.Rumors amongst the imperials is that a large and highly resourceful conglomerate of Hutt clans was responsible, as an attempt to intimidate the Herglic Clans to relinquish some of their power on the planet. However, this reporter was able to find a survivor who confirms rumors that the infamous mercenary group, the Dirty Pair, were in town when the quake hit. As some might remember, the Dirty Pair, aka the Lovely Angels, are a notorious renegade “law enforcement” team once employed by the now outlawed 3WA, in the Corporate Sector Authority. They are currently wanted by the Empire and the Corporate Sector Authority for suspicion of terrorist acts, as well as smuggling, illegal bounty hunting, cooperating with terrorist group the Rebel Alliance, weapons charges, and conspiracy to murder of Imperial officials. A reward is offered by both governments.

Riots in the City Hifferval

Said to have been caused by Dirty Pair-hype

09-1243:100 LT: Tresidiss

The ‘Speeder Riots last week that occurred in Hifferval have been thoroughly investigated by Clan Security, and it has been determined that it was caused by hype drummed up from the presence of the Dirty Pair in the city. They were being held there by authorities while the investigation of the Tralas disaster interrogated them. Once they were released, the proceeded to wreak more havoc on Tresidiss. The Planetary Secretary was quoted in saying “… What have we done to deserve this? .” There are rumors that the Dirty Pair are a part of a continuing plot by the Hutts to move in this sector. Others say they are working for the more conservative-side of the Empire. The Clans Security Council will meet this week to decide what to do. One option that will be discussed is a bounty… get the Dirty Pair off the planet dead or alive.

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