The Nightbreed In Dark Conspiracy

The Nightbreed In Dark Conspiracy

Dark Conspiracy Minions

Nightbreed, to me was an inspiring movie of unique design. The novel, Cabal, got me hooked on Clive Barker. So I thought, at some point, I would create a tribute to Nightbreed, the Children of Midian, in some form or another. Well, I finally got around to it, and this is the result: a Dark Conspiracy source “book” based on all that lives in Midian.


To follow is some basic definitions of the Nightbreed mythos. As with the Creatures of Nightbreed, I’ve added my own flavor to them, where necessary. For some things, there is no information I can find to document, and so I fill in with my own imagination. Wherever possible, I will separate my own additions from what I found in the few resources I have (the Movie, the novel, and the Titan Books Clive Barker’s The Nightbreed Chronicles.

Overall, the Nightbreed can be many things in Dark Conspiracy. They could be just another group of Minions. Or they could be a group of minions that have broken away from the Dark Lord’s control, and sympathize with the human, even though the humans hunt them. Or they could be creatures that were here on Earth before the Dark Invasion and acting as Minion Hunters, even though human’s still scorn them. Any number of stories can stem from them.

Midian: The City of the Nightbreed, it is officially wherever the Nightbreed reside. In Dark Conspiracy: This can be anything, even a Protodimension.

Nightbreed: A member of the Children of Midian, protected by the power of the great Baphomet. Assumptions: Because much of the literature I have indicates a certain level of immortality in all Nightbreed, it is assumed that Baphomet protects his Children by saving them from the ravages of time. In his weakened state, that’s the best he can do. So being a Nightbreed means that you don’t grow old – at least as fast as most others.

The Laws: Not unlike the traditions of the Vampires in White Wolf, the Nightbreed live on strict laws about how to act with each other and interact with the outside world (and the Naturals)

* original work based on random pictures in Clive Barker’s The Nightbreed Chronicles book

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