Nowhere Islands, North Island (Caribbean, Earth)

Nowhere Islands, North Island (Caribbean, Earth)

As part of my early adventuring, I used an old Twilight 2000 adventure called Gateway to the Spanish Main as the basis for a Time/Dimensional travel adventure in Star Frontiers, linked to the Stellar Dragon/Jedi campaign plot (time travel possible through the Black Hole dragon).  This is a vague plot and a series of encounter tables I created for a location called La Isla En Ninguna Parte.  

I think this was the island I set up to be the finale and the way home for the characters.  There is a lot of mixed tech here – lasers with classic T2000 weapons.  Unfortunately, I do not have the conversions from T2000 to SF anywhere.  The character called the Admiral throughout this post/adventure was the primary bad guy and the holder of the secret behind how they got to T2000 Earth and how to get back. I had heavy influences from two sources – Aliens & Rambo.  I was really getting into both and I really liked the Twilight:2000 setting (minus the clunky system) so I dove into it. 

 Also as I transcribed this, I got a feeling that maybe I had a map of this at one time, but I can not find it now.  I tried to re-write it so that a map was not necessary.  I think I placed these islands somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle to link the time travel events with the “energy nexus” that is the Triangle.

The Islands are controlled by “Admiral” Lee McCoy, aka The Trashman.  McCoy is a dwarfed human, standing less than 4 feet tall.  He wears a red beret and have a thin mustache.

The Admiral is experimenting with Time Displacement and due to the lack of technology, have many failures and breaches into other times.  Time Displacement Experiment Failures result, sometimes pulling in creatures or beings from other times and planets.  These include creatures known as Dragonoids – creatures strongly tied to the Stellar Dragons.

The Admiral and his Renegades

Admiral Lee McCoy, the Trashman (human with dwarfism)

RW: 50 M: 70 RS/IM: 70/7 STA; 40 PS: 6.  Skills: Large Calibre Guns 60, Indirect Fire 60.  Weapons: M-16 with M203 grenade launcher. [He is also a Psi-Caster/Jedi]

Blake Reed, the Red Dragon (Native American descent, trained in Asian martial arts)

RW: 60  M: 80 IM/RS: 7/70 STA: 70 PS: 7.  Skills: Swimming 70, Rotary Wing Pilot 80. Mountaineering 60.

The Renegade Regulars

RW: 56 M: 60 RS/IM 40.4 STA: 30 PS: 6. Weapons: Random Weapons Chart #1

The Renegade Specialists

RW: 70 M: 70 IM/RS: 6/60 STA: 45 PS: 8. Weapons: Random Weapons Chart #1

Assisting the Admiral are the following Mercenaries from his universe, The Alpha Dogs

Standard Stats: RW 75, M 65, RS/IM 60/6, STA 50, PS 7

Master Sergeant CLyde Aponia (Human) – Weapons: Auto Rifle with Grenade Launcher attachment.  Defenses: Light Combat Armor.

Corporal Allen Hix (Human) – Weapons: Auto-rifle with shotgun attachment.  Defenses: Light Combat Armor.

Corporal Jax Hudsum, Com-Tech (Human) – Weapons: Portable Laser Gatling Rifle ( DMG: 9d10, 20 round burst,  5/40/100/250/360).  Defenses: Light Combat Armor.

PFC Jon El’Ban Bree ([Tor’Drani]) – Weapons: Double Sword (Level 6), Flail (Level 6), Gyrojet Rifle, Autopistol. Defenses: Light Combat Armor.

Drag-Myr (Combat Robot) – Movement: 10 m/turn or 50 m/turn.  Equipment: Infra-scanners, movement trackers, radar scanners, sub-space radio.  Weapons: Shotgun Arm, Sonic Disruptor (Arm), Laser Rifle carried.

Random Weapons Chart #1


-2- M16 Assault Rifle w/ Makarov Pistol & 6 frag grenades

-3- AK-74 and double barrel  shotgun

-4- Sterling Submachine gun and Uzi

-5- HK CAW and AKM

-6- 9mmm Parabellum, Crossbow

-7- MP5, AKMR

-8- M40, Tokaraev

-9- M249, .45 pistol

-10- 38 Special

-11- G-11, AKM-12- Pump action shotgun

-13- IW, vz24

-14-M16, M203

-15- M60

-16- M214, 9 concussion grenades

-17- AK-74, 22 auto pistol

-18- MP5, 380 auto pistol

-19- FAL, Sterling

-20- RAWHE Rifle Grenade

North Island 

Daily Encounters (48%) – 1d10 Roll

(1) Wild Dog – 1d10 Group.  Mass: 30 kg.  Mv: 40 m/turn. IM/RS: 6/55.  STA: 50. Att: 75.  DAmage: 3d10 bite or claw.

(2) Crazed Mutated Natives – they spit acidic vomit. 1d10 group.  M: 75. RW: 40 STA: 30 RS/IM: 30/3 Mv: 20 m/turn.  Weapons:  Chart #2. Special Attack:  Acid Vomit – Melee attack (S4/T5).  They themselves take 1d10 damage when using it.

(3) Quicksand (100-STA)/5 in turns]

(4) Ruins of a devastated town.  Burned out huts and buildings, 4 week old bodies and signs of a firefight.

(5) Spidronites (one of the Admiral’s mistakes) Medium Carnivore.  NO: 2d6.  MV: 40 m/turn. STA: 50 RS/IM: 80/8 Att: 60 (each limb) 4 attacks. Attacks –  1) Left tentacle 1d6.  2) Right tentacle 1d6. 3) Left Stinger Arm 1d10, roll STA or paralyzed. 4) Right Stinger Arm same as Left. Once a victim is paralyzed, the spridronite will secrete a webbing around the victim and bring it to its nest to feeds its young. Special Defense:  The spridonite’s blood is very hot.  The silvery liquid burns 2d10 damage through clothing.


(6) Admiral’s Patrol Drones.  MV: 110  m/turn. STA: 220.  Equipment: IR Sensors, UV sensors, Movement Sensors, Radio Com, Visual Sensors, Albedo Screen (200). IM: 6. Weapons: 2 sets of light machine guns (ATT: 85. 5d10).  10 heat seeker missiles (ATT: 80. 15d10)

1987 Original Sketch
Remastered from original Sketch, with some Photoshop work

(7) Admiral’s Guard Outpost – One level fortified guardian outpost unit. Limited hover capabilities (220 m/turn).  Equipment: IR Sensors/Jammers; Movement Sensors/Jammers; Albedo Screen (2000); Inertia Screen (800); Crew 6.  Weapons: Heavy Laser (4d10 per shot).  EP Auto Cannon (6d10 per shot).  Flamethrower 5d10, 1d1o per turn for 5 turns, 2 meters radius.  1oo mm Cannon, Blast Radius 10 meters, Damage 25d10 blast.  Recoilless Rifle, Blast Radius 5 meters, Damage 18d10.  Crew: RW 75, M: 80, STA 45, RS/IM 65/7, Mov: 30 m per turn. (Human).  Weapon: EP Blaster Rifle 4d6 per shot.


(8) Islander Patrol – a group of armed islanders (2d10). RW: 50.  M: 70. IM/RS: 5/45  STA:55 MV: 30 m per turn

(9) Islanders vs Admiral Forces Battle – A battle is raging between a group of the Admiral’s soldiers with advanced laser weapons and a group islander defenders with less advanced weapons.

(10) Dying Islander – a dying Islander is found in the jungle.  He is part help but can answer up to 5 questions before dying.

North Island Base 

Basic hold for the Admiral and his Renegade.  The Admiral landed on [T2000] Earth a few months earlier than the characters.  Built in the ruins of an ancient civilization [Aztec or Mayan?].  Idols were built to ward off spirits and intruders.  Some of these idols how have cameras and sensors built into them. 45% chance of encountering security equipped idols.  1 hour after being detected by the sensors, 2d6 Renegades supported by 1d6 Infantry robots will attack.  If captured, taken to the Prisoner Hold.

Robot Security, Infantry Unit

Mv: 100 m/turn. STA/ARMOR: (1d8 hit location) (1) Head 50.  (2-3) Chest 100.  (4-5) Arms 30.  (6) Abdomen 80. (7-8) Legs 40.  Inner Structure 60.  Equipment: Laser pistols mounted on the head (2d10 damage), Light recoilless rifle mounted on the right shoulder (7d10 damage).  Laser Rifles mounted in the arms (5d10).  Infra-vision, UV scanners.  Pincers (2d10 damage).  ATT 75.

Redrawn, remastered and Photoshopped from the original sketch

Robot Security, Light Patrol Robot (Small Target)

Movement: 60 m/turn. STA: 100 Armor: 90 ATTACK: 90. Equipment: 2 Auto rifles (4d10), 2 Light rocket launchers (10d10), Laser Pistol turret (4d10).


Base Security Perimeter

  • 30% encounter 1 patrol robot supported by 1d6 Infantry robots (first encounter patrol bot and if not destroyed in one round, the infantry will follow up close behind.)
  • 50% encounter 2d10 Renegade Patrol in an M2 Bradley.


If they get past the security perimeter, the path to the entrance is 10 meters long, along a 1 meter wide path along a cliff overlooking the jungle. 100 meter drop.  The Entrance is secured by a 4th level Security door.  The door has covered by mounted weapons sentries that drop out of the ceiling. ATT 30, 2d10 damage.  In 10 rounds, 1d6 infantry units will be at the door.

Throughout the base, light security robots are patrolling.  The PCs will have to stealth it or be detected by these bots.  If detected, they will summon all other bots in the surrounding areas to attack.  Walking through the hallways, 50% chance of encountering Renegade squad (2d6) or 40% chance of encountering 1d6 infantry bots.

Random Encounters near the Base (1d8)

-1- Renegade Armored Division – M2 Bradley, FAV (fast attack vehicles) x3 with M60 mounted, M920 M2 Hellfire AT vehicle



-2- HUM-Vww with 25 mm Chaingun Autocannon. 1d6 Renegade passengers + driver


-3- FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) Patrol.  Single FAV with M60 mount, 2 passengers.

-4- Demolished M-1 Tank – 105 mm cannon with ammo; MAG Machine gun no ammo.  M2HB Machine gun, 100 Round belt.  4 dead remains, several years old.


-5- Punji stick pit trap.  5 m deep, 10 Spikes, 1d10 damage each.  RS check – succeed, 1 spike.  fail, 1d10 spikes

-6- Cargo net booby trap (RS check).  Fail, PCs end up 10 meters in the air.

-7- Guarded Bridge – M1A1 Tank, M17 LAVAA, BMP-B and 3d10 Soldiers


-8- Artillery Emplacement.  155 mm Howitzer Self-Propelled Gun, 2d10 soldiers


Areas in the Base

Prisoner Area

Prisoner Hold – Several ragged island natives are held here, starving.

Prisoner Arena – The arena is where the soldiers eliminate/execute prisoners and enjoy the spectacle of sport at the same time. Poorly armed prisoners are sent into battle against the Admiral’s Time Displacement Experiment Failures.

Guard Housing – 1d10 Renegade soldiers

Special Prisoner Hold – Holding area for the Time Displacement Experiment Failures.

ENCOUNTER – Captured:  If the PCs are captured, they will be interrogated by the Admiral’s men (perhaps by the Admiral himself, if they reveal they are time travellers).  Following this, they will be sent to the arena to fight three of the Admirals top aliens.

  • The Flesh-harrower – A horned and carapaced bi-pedal creature
  • Dragonoid – Dragon-like creature connected to the stellar dragons
  • Xenomorph – a creature not unlike the Xenomorph from Aliens.

Weapons available:  Polearms (x2), Battle Axes (x2), Swords (x2), Mace (Clug damage + 2d6) (x2), Dagger (x6), Pike (4d10+1d10) (x2).

Lab & Admiral’s Quarters

Admiral’s Room – 30% chance the Admiral is in his residency.  If so, combat.

  • Hidden ( in the vault inside the closet, behind a false wall, is an Alien [Psi/Force] Artifact.  Security Level 4.
  • The Computer terminal is level 3, Security Lock Program Level 2.  Contained within this computer are basic plans and operation of the Time Displacement Apparatus.

Time Displacement Apparatus Lab – Security door Level 4.  Central Computer Level 3.  The Primary Time Displacement Gate is attached to 3 main generators, funneling in 3 different types of power (standard power, psionic energy, and dimensional energy).  This lab is always occupied by techs (1d6) and robots (1d6).  The mercenary team Alpha Dogs also help in this area.  Hudsum, Jon ‘El and Drag-Myr all help with the advanced tech involved in the lab.

Base Ops and Barracks

Multiple Weapons Armories:  (1d10 as many times as the PCs want to search)

-1- Box of 7.62 Ammo

-2- Box of 5.56 Ammo

-3- Box of RPG Rockets.

-4- Box of M16 Assault rifles

-5- Box of Laser Rifle Ammo

-6- 1d10 Shotguns with Ammo (Bandolier)

-7- 2d6 Thermite Grenades

-8- 1d10 M203 Grenade Launchers

-9- 1d10 AK-74 Assault Rifles

-10- RPG-16 Rocket Launcher (1)

Renegade Barracks: 50% chance of being occupied by one of the shifts of guards.  2d10 guards.

Communication and Control: 100% chance of occupancy, 6 robot techs.  This room operates all systems, including robot and computer systems in the base.  It is also the communication center of the base.  There is a chimney passage to the outside from here.



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