Nothing Exciting to watch these days!

Nothing Exciting to watch these days!

As of late, I have been very displeased with what is available on TV, in the Sci-fi genre. Ever since my extreme displeasure with the new BSG, I have been searching worth while to watch and enjoy.

  • Supernatural is the only show I truly look forward to these days. However this season has been somewhat disappointing.
  • Merlin has been kind of hokey and silly. I watch it because it has it moments but it is rally hard to take seriously.
  • Being Human is really not doing it for me. I am still going to give it a chance but it is full of way too much angst.
  • Stargate Universe was just starting to get good when it was cancelled. Now there is nothing Stargate on at all.
  • V had a lot of promise but it is just not going anywhere. It is stretching my willingness to suspend disbelief with the FBI agent leading a dobule life. I am not sure of the direction it is going either but I can tell that it got the hint that it was revealling stuff too slowly. There was a definite change from Season 1 to Season 2. I will still watch it for now.

The new show I have been watching through Netflix is True Blood and I have really enjoyed that.

The shows these days seem to have way too much angst and drama. Yea, I like drama but I like a little sci-fi in my sci-fi too. If I can take the plot out of the setting and place it in any day time soap opera, its just not good for me.

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