Nowhere Islands, Solitario Island (Caribbean, Earth)

Nowhere Islands, Solitario Island (Caribbean, Earth)

As part of my early adventuring, I used an old Twilight 2000 adventure called Gateway to the Spanish Main as the basis for a Time/Dimensional travel adventure in Star Frontiers, linked to the Stellar Dragon/Jedi campaign plot (time travel possible through the Black Hole dragon).  This is a vague plot and a series of encounter tables I created for a location called La Isla En Ninguna Parte.  

The Solitary island was set up as an optional side adventure.

Solitario Island

Volcanic Island.  Home to a group of refugees that escaped from the Asylum on the island.  It is littered with hot springs and a network of caves that house the refugees.  The island’s center acts as the center of the refugee camp, with many of the tunnels opening up there. The island occasionally suffers from volcanic activity, primarily earth tremors and superheated geysers.

Leader: “General” Laddy Dirilinger.  RW 40. M 30. STA 80. RS 70. PS: 4 Weapon: Customized AK-74 (he found).  Laddy believes he is someone from another world, a world with futuristic technology.

These refugees are certifiably crazy.  THey live on the island in complete happiness, oblivious to the goings-on in the world.  The refugees worship the volcanic activity as a god.  Every time the island shakes, they fall to the ground in worship.

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