NPC: Alex Korosh Alamane

NPC: Alex Korosh Alamane

Alamane was a cool bad guy that I used to motivate the characters for several linked adventures.  This describes the evolution of Alamane through the various adventures.

Alamane was born during the peak of the Terran Empire [Terran Expanse] on planet called Sparta.  Alamane eventually grew into a  very powerful executive of the corporation that eventually became THRID.  One of the primary motivators behind the Odessa IV project, he was behind many of the secret experiments and developments on that planet.  Ultimately, one can say he too was responsible in part for the destruction that befell the Odessa IV colony.

But he saw Odessa IV as his creation, like God upon the Earth.  He could not save it but he could not leave it either.  He put himself in cryogenic stasis, along with his closest aides and execs.  Before he want under, he programming the massive corporate computer to solve one problem – how to make Alamane more powerful.  This bio-genetically generated supercomputer was instructed to solve the mysterious of psionic powers and how they can be harnessed to make Alamane more power, perhaps immortal.  He wanted to be a god.

The supercomputer worked for centuries on this problem, drawing from all its reserve power and even from the hibernating executives’ mental energies.  While in hibernation, Alamane received various organic computer upgrades to handle the power the computer had devised for him.  The computer funnelled all the information, power and means to manipulate it into the newly modified body of Alamane.

Noninterference Legally Violated  – Birth of Alamane  

Alamane was awakened centuries later after much of the supercomputer and fortress had deteriorated beyond usefulness.  Alamane’s power was raw and fresh, ready to be used.  But his body suffered medically from his stasis (as well as from the PC’s attacks on him).  His physical body died.  In order to save himself, he transferred his mental essence into the remains of the organic supercomputer.  He was able to travel through its circuitry to another location before the fortress ultimately exploded in nuclear flame (Thanks to the PCs).

Alamane escaped from Odessa IV through an unsuspecting pirate freighter that had landed on the planet to strip it of useful tech.  He possessed on of the human pirates and vampirically fed off his mental energies.  He travelled from ship to ship, feeding off people along the space lanes, leaving a path of bodies behind.  People called it some kind of space plague.

Holier than Thou – Alamane meets the Shri’ikk

Alamane developed enough mental power to infiltrate and influence a fanatical cult of humans – the Ecclesiasty.  Under the covert control of Alamane, a cult leader – Evan Ianius Narquel – developed a strong financial ground in the fringes of the [Sovereignty of Man], helping the cult grow.  The Ecclesiasty as a result of too much power, began to fragment and one faction fanatically followed Narquel.  The Ecclesiasty of Narquel grew into a particularly fanatical and militant faction, all under the influence of Alamane.  The influence of the Ecclesiasty of Narquel grew even more.  Fear gripped their region as they became the strongest faction within the Ecclesiasty.

Alamane’s power outstretched too far when investors sympathetic to the Ecclesiasty of Narquel theology took over the MEAR corporation – a corporation with interests on a planet called Chuejou (“Chewie”) .  MEAR  ad a small headquarters on Chewie and many did not like the Ecclesiasty gaming a foothold on their world.  An alliance of corporations worked against the take over and the presence of the Ecclesiasty on their world.  Through means only known to a small group of specialists (the PCs), they were able to prevent the Ecclesiasty from establishing their presence on Chewie.

This  group of specialists were able to turn Alamane’s own weapon against him – a black market nanotech super computer virus, made partially of organic grown technology.  Killing his host body, Alamane consumed the virus (or vice versa, it is not clear).  The virus merged with Alamane, changing him (or he changing it). Alamane became more than just a pure mental energy being.  Merging with the virus allowed him to developed a cyber-energetic presence as well.  He entered the planetary Cybernetrix and absorbed mental energies from anyone connected to it.  Body counts mounted again as many blamed this on another type of plague.

He spread even further, growing in power and eventually creating a new cult – the Korosh.  His plans now are to start a revolution against the Dominion and the Frontier and control all the computer systems there-in.  But he needs something first…

This leads into the The Hunt And Resurrection: The Zed Strike – Alamane’s Death

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