NR Intel Log 1: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 1: Kathol Campaign

Report 10001:A: Alpha – Date: DS 014

(Report Closed)

Reports from the Torize System, obtained from hyper-probes launched from Kal’Shebbol, have detected some Imperial activity there. Short range receivers detected weak-primitive transmissions from somewhere in the system, encoded in one of the Imperial decryption. Part of it has been translated, and is addressed to the New Republic. The origin of the transmission is unknown, and the rest of it was untranslatable due the poor quality of the transmission.

Report 10002:B: Alpha – Date: DS 015

Reports from interrogations of the Imperial scouts captured here on Kal’Shebbol, has determined that there is still a significant Imperial force in the sector that is under orders to thwart the New Republic efforts to retake the entire sector. The location of this force is not clear, and it is suspected that it is not concentrated.

Report 10003:C: Alpha – Date: DS 016

Reports from long range probes in Brolsam indicate that there is significant unrest on the main world in that system. No transmissions have been received from the world since the taking of Kal’Shebbol, the sensors on the probe detect many small skirmishes and battles taking place.

Report 10002:B: Alpha – Date: DS 016

Reports from the Minos Cluster Fleet say the the Kolatill relief fleet will be arriving in 8 days. The battle goes well there, and supplies to the Kathol Sector may increase within the next few months.

Report 10003:A: Alpha – Date: DS 019

Deep Space Probes have been launched from Kal’Shebbol to report back on information on Kathol Rim Worlds. It is said that several dozen systems exist off the main trade route, and were at one time colonized. Some of these worlds haven’t been contacted since the fall of the New Republic.

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