NR Intel Log 11: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 11: Kathol Campaign

Report 10045: Beta – Sapella Report

Date: DS 121

Thane B’Dorbeck was able to hammer out a more binding accord with the clans of Sapella, once the more radical factions collapsed. The clans have agreed to allow for a New Republic Garrison to be stationed on their planet, however the New Republic will not until the clans have gotten their rogue elements under control.

The NCSF has been fully repaired. Ships records show that they were attacked on the rim of the Kathol Outback by a shadowy ship of alien design. They attack came unprovoked when the NCSF misjumped nearby. The missing destroyer was severely damaged, and abandoned their at the attack site. It might be recoverable. The problem is the coordinates of the attack are ambiguous, because of the misjump. It will take a search effort to find it.

Report 10046: Beta – Project Nuniok Dak

Date: DS 122

More and more rumors of Nuniok Dak are surfacing. The is reference to a planet called Sabros Nim. We are not sure there is a connection, but we know it is a remote Sullustan world that was ruled by a subsidiary of SoroSuub, and a small group of Sullustan Noble houses. We believe that some of the Noble Houses had connections here in the Kathol Core.

Report 10047: Beta – Binaros Update

Date: DS 122

Long range sensors have lost contact with the enemy probe readings. No last known coordinates can be determined, because of interference from the Rift. Deep Scans into the Outback are becoming more and more useless because of the Rift.

Report 10047: Beta – Jangelle Situation Update

Date: DS 123

Jangelle, from what we can determine, a arid world, with little value. It is colonized, and it is reasonable advanced. It lies on the outside of a region of space called the Kathol Republic. No coordinates of the Kathol Republic are available. All we know is that it is just beyond Jangelle.

Jangelle has it own small fleet of armed freighters, and a reasonable planetary defense. Free traders frequent that planet because it’s good protection from raiders. What this means is that the ships that are disappearing are not disappearing within range of Jangelle. Use Jangelle as a jumping off point to investigate the disappearances.

Report 10048: Alpha – Sarne is missing

Date: DS 124

Reports from our most reliable spies in the Outback have been sparse and very few. However, what we can gather from rumors through the Outback is that Sarne has gone way underground. He can not be found. From the rumors, it is suspected me might be hiding in an area of the Outback that our sensors and spies can’t penetrate. The Farstar is advised to investigate all possibilities.

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