NR Intel Log 12: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 12: Kathol Campaign

Report 10049: Alpha
From: Kathol Sector Central Intel
Subject: A new Bounty on the Farstar
Date: DS 127 / NR Date: 43.7.27

If Sarne’s troubles weren’t enough, now the underground has put a bounty on any Farstar crew, posted by none other than Chuborro the Hutt. We are not sure if this was motivated by Sarne’s influence or Chuborro is acting alone, but we do know he is paying 10,000 for any regular crewmember killed, and 25,000 for any officer. With the amount of crew you have, I am sure many will be willing to collect on that bounty. This, we expect, will also make it harder to recruit repacement crew.

Report 10045: Delta
From Sapella Delegacy
Subject: Sapella Report
Date: DS 128 / NR Date: 43.7.28

The scouts that were sent to find the missing ship have yet to report in. The search mission is expected to take long. No sign of the ship that attacked them either.

Report 10048: Beta
From: Kathol Central Intelligence, Astrogation Division
Subject: Sarne is missing
Date: DS 129 / NR Date: 43.7.29

The search for Sarne is expected to lead you into the Rift. Between where you are and the Rift are many rift fragments and nebulas he could be easily hiding in.