NR Intel Log 13: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 13: Kathol Campaign

Report 10050: Alpha

From: Kathol Sector Central Intel – Timbra Ott Base
Subject: Exocron data
Date: DS 154 / NR Date: 43.8.19

Data retrieved from scout archives found on Timbra Ott and Sapella indicate that Exocron is not aplanet as first thought, but a cloud of proto-star gases, and energies from the Rift. This could be where Sarne is hiding. No known sensor can penetrate this nebulous cloud, according to the data. A probe may have to be dropped in.

Report 10051: Alpha

From: Kathol Sector Central Intel – Timbra Ott Base
Subject: Sarne’s Secret Prison Camp
Date: DS 157 / NR Date: 43.8.22

Their is evidence indicating that Sarne might have had a secret prison camp for his worst enemies that he couldn’t kill. He may be heading there to recover more supplies or the like. The location of this secret prison is not known.

Report 10052: Alpha

From: Kathol Central Intelligence, Astrogation Division
Subject: Free Traders & the Skandrei Bandits
Date: DS 158 / NR Date: 43.8.30

The Free Traders Alliance is falling apart. With the news of a renegade ship claiming to be a New Republic ship, factions are forming for and against us in the Alliance. A group called the Skandrei Bandits are instegating the more anarchist factions against the New Republic. The Skandrei are raiders and pirates who would like nothing more than to see the New Republic gone. The also have a strong hatred for Chuborro. They reportedly have 6 or 7 cap-ships and several supporting fighters.

However, the pro-New Republic side is being headed by a Bith named Maddie Macatten, a somehwat exentric old Bith who has connections all across the Outback. If the Farstar were to find the renegade ship, she might be a powerful ally to bring it down.


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