NR Intel Log 16: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 16: Kathol Campaign

Report 10062: Alpha

From: Kathol Sector Central Intel – Timbra Ott
Subject: The Rift: Theory & Myth
Date: DS 201 / NR Date: 43.10.01

Research has turned up little about what is beyond the Rift. Searches into the Church of Kathol’s archives (the ones that survived the Gree attack) reveal many myths of the Rift Some day it is a barrier in time, and crossing it is crossing time. Other say it’s Gree gate technology gone bad, and getting to the other side of it will teleport the traveler to another part of space light years away or another dimension. While others call it the edge of the universe. No record has been found of any ship crossing it. The methods used by Sarne are unique, and scientists can only guess the results. One thing is for sure, his fleet will be scattered. But he is gambling on the New Republic either taking a long time or not coming at all. We will have to make sure he loses that bet. With the knowledge of what Darkstryder we have, plus the sample of Nuniok Dak we have, our scientists believe they can patch into the hyperspace-directive energies of one of the special Nuniok Dak to transport whole fleets. This is only a theory, and we are not sure we have time for a trial run. If the Farstar stumbles upon at least one Nuniok Dak Sullustan designed to go straight across the Rift, it needs to be saved and sent straight to Timbra Ott, via New Republic approved transport.

Report 10063: Alpha

From: Kathol Sector Central Intel – Timbra Ott
Subject: The Status of Chuborro’s organization
Date: DS 205 / NR Date: 43.10.05

Chuborro is missing. The battle at Qek’Mas was the official demise of his organization as a cohesive entity in the Kathol Sector. Many organizations are vying for power now. The five deputies have taken their fragments and formed their own organizations; some allied with the New Republic and going “legitimate”, while others are not. However, they all mistrust the Empire, which is a major accomplishment. Sarne will find no allies here if and when he returns.

Chuborro is now wanted, with a 90,000 Cr. bounty on his head. He escaped some how, on a Skandrei Bandit ship.

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