NR Intel Log 2: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 2: Kathol Campaign

Report 10001:A: Beta – Date: DS 020

Reports from the Torize System – The world governments has been contacted and the unrest that resulted from their liberation has diminished. A Council is being formed to hammer-out a treaty of peace among the warring Houses.

Report 10004:A: Alpha – Date: DS 019

<>Wanted by The New Republic Provisional Government of Kathol

Name Last Station Responsible For Status Bounty
General Markod Wilem Kolatill Kolatill Defense Force and Governor’s Head of Security Dead 5000
Admiral Abratian Odonel Oon Tien Fleet Forces Commander Live 5000
General Or’Ryn Sprawning Oon Tien Ground Forces Commander Live 5000
General Walshar Olmbrien Torize Ground Forces Commander Unknown 5000
Captain Foldor Morass Torize Torize Station Defense Commander Unknown 3000
Commander Bedral Lambross Charis Garrison Commander Live 6000
Captain Irel Bornson Mathol Rim worlds Scout Commander Unknown 3000