NR Intel Log 5: Kathol Campaign

NR Intel Log 5: Kathol Campaign

Report 10011:A: Alpha – Date: DS 034

Report from Kolatill, Kal’Shebbol, and Torize

New Republic scientists have determined that if it wasn’t for the discovery at Aaris, we would not have ever been able to detect these strong hyperspace storm anomalies around the gas giants. Whatever the Farstar is doing, keep up the good work. With the knowledge gained from Aaris, the NR scientists were able to determine that these distortional hyperstorms are not unique to Aaris. All the gas giants in the Kal’Shebbol, Kolatill, and Torize system are now showing signs of the same type of storms. They suspect that this is more that just a coincidence.


Report 10012:A: Alpha – Date: DS 034

Report from Oon Tien

Scout recently attempted to penetrate into the Oon Tien system, only to discover a significant Imperial Force held up in the system. This system apparently contains Sarne’s primary ship yards, and are still producing large amount of supplies for Sarne. It is also the homeworld to the Jarell species, and the gateway system to the Kathol Rim Stellar Southern Region. The New Republic is building an battle group at Kolatill to make a move on Oon Tien. This battle group includes the NR ships fresh from the Minos Cluster, some of the Noble House frigates, and a few volunteers from the Smuggler Alliance (formed from the Kolatill Smuggler Talks initiated by Loh’khar the Finder of the Farstar. ) The Farstar may be recalled for the battle if things don’t go well, but are ordered to continue their mission as defined. The alliances the Farstar is making along the way are invaluable.

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